July 25, 2008

her sleeping self

with the windows thrown wide open
and the moon peeking in at her
she dreamed vividly
on those cool summer nights
so much
that she actually returned to the real world
surprisingly aware
of what she had seen
and felt
it didn't scare her
these dreams
breathed a life into her
that she had never felt before
and she wondered
why now
what took you so long
she was sleeping less and less
yet her remembered dreams
would occupy
sleep filled hours
she would wake early
to her amazement
that she should be exhausted
and restless
from everything that had
occupied her thoughts
but instead
she felt
beautiful and vibrant
if she awoke to an alarm clock
the dreams were as if they had never exsisted
as if the buzzing hum that she heard
could simply erase
what she had seen
so she chose instead
to let the softness of the morning
slowly wake her
while she moved under
the sheets
that had kept her safe all night long
it was then
that she would smile to herself
of her dream filled night
sometimes during the day
she would be reaching for a glass
or sweeping the floors
and a warm thought would wash over her body
and she would know
she would know that this feeling
wasn't hers alone
as she shared it with her sleeping self
that she had left behind
her daytime self
loved this feeling
she would wait
for the next evening
to come
when once again
those summer dreams
take her away


  1. Beautiful. Simply beautiful. I know those aren't words enough - but they are very true and somehow, all I can think to say. Maybe because I have rush away so that I can get comfy and drift off to dream land.

    You are one amazing writer, my friend.

  2. Another poetic entry! I think it is time to start "getting published" with these pits of artwork now too!

  3. AnonymousJuly 27, 2008

    it's like having an relationship with your other self. the more magical of the two. or the more believer of the two in my case. a beautiful post!

  4. I second relyn.... you are an awesome writer. great with words. it's almost time for my dream land to come.

    love, Angelica

    P.S. I will post by tomorrow what I got at Sandwich which was not alot.

    Have a nice night...


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