February 1, 2008

faces and bodies, not really

I'm taking a class this year with Misty Mawn. Along with being soooo excited, I'm also scared to death. You see, all of her work has to do with faces and bodies....hand drawn and painted....hmmm, not something I do. I'm more of a paper and glue kind of girl.
But I do doodle.
I'm a huge doodler while I'm sitting at my desk....and of course with Misty's class in my mind, I've been doodling faces.
So this is one that I thought was good enough to share.
I like her.
She looks like a gypsy.
Why are lips and eyes so hard to draw ? Especially since they're something we look at all day long, for hours and hours. Is it because they're all different ?
So... have I just offered up a challenge ?
I see you all now, at your computer desks, reaching for a pencil and a scrap piece of paper all the while thinking, "it can't be that hard, can it?"
Do it ! Try it ! Why not ?


  1. Ooohh! I like your girl!!! Can't wait to see what you do in Misty Mawn's class!!!! You have innate talent!

  2. What a great face! She makes me happy and I think that's half the game! (You're right about the eyes, by the way -- they're tough.)

    OK, I'm challenged... and I need a break from the computer!

  3. Oh, Misty ... I love her blog, too. I have less trouble with faces/eyes than with hands. I SUCK at hands! so I tend to doodle lots of hands. I like your lady, though!

  4. Looky you! Out of your comfort zone and flying high!

  5. i took a class with Misty in Oct. and let me tell you, i found it challenging! art things come easy for me, but not drawing or making faces come to life! ugh - that was the hardest part, was painting the face to look realistic. i was so frustrated! she's a great teacher though and was really good at helping me get through my angst!


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