February 20, 2008

Something like this......

Once again, I start with a pile of magazine cut-outs.
Most importantly...... to pick the perfect "big head,"
minus the ears.
Find a floral "hat" and oh, how the sunflowers were screaming for this one.

And after years of watching my children grow-up into amazing young adults,
I've decided....
"I don't want to grow up"


  1. I don't want to grow up either, and I don't think we ever should! Your sunflower hat girl is absolutely charming! Love the step-by-step, too! Isn't cutting up stuff more fun than anything?

  2. Spectacular!!!!!Now this is the kind of stuff you should be submitting to Sommerset..well, you could have a live feed from your studio, but this work is so wonderful, so you!

  3. I love how she is leaning on the bird's head!!!!
    So cool!!!

    a live feed from your studio!!! That would be so cool!

  4. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing the process.


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