February 12, 2008

cold and snowy outisde = journal pages inside

Are you bored yet with my journal pages ?
They're just fun to make.
And for me, I need to have many pages for my many thoughts, made up ahead of time.
When I feel like making pages, I don't feel like writng.
And when I feel like writing, I don't want to have to take the time to make a page.

This quote is a rub-on.

And now with one more rub-on, this page is done.
{and YES Bella....you can make these...I know you can !}


  1. Ack! I have that SAME grey trenchcoat cut out, twice, and readied to add to my other visual journal! Great minds, eh? Love these big-headed ladies, oh yea!

  2. Yes: where you're going.

  3. I'm not bored with the journal pages -- and I LOVE the rub-on!

  4. Not bored at all!

    I wonder if I would have anything to write on journal pages...I am so boring, go to work, eat, sleep, the occasional weekend of tooting......

  5. I can.
    And you know what?
    I did.
    And I am having the best time. :)

  6. Hi Beth! Dropping by from Jeanie's blog to say hi! I really like these journal pages of yours and I am going to take a larger look around your blog...love the big heads!

    Smiles! J
    (heading out the door to find rub-ons!)

  7. Sometimes I am like that too !I know what you mean !

    Bored of your pages ? Eeks NEVVARHHHH !



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