January 30, 2008

winter warmth....

What keeps me warm when the wind chill factor is making it feel like -30 outside ???
~the arms of husband~
~the smiling faces from our great kids~
~and Sophie, who this morning called "dibs" on my bed pillow as I was trying to change the sheets on our bed~
What else ?
~cups and cups of my almond vanilla tea with french vanilla creamer~
~white chocolate chip cookies~
~furry socks~
~the smell of my freshly washed towels right out of the dryer~
~rereading excerpts from eat pray love~
~not having to leave the house~
~the sun casting shadows on the floor~
~eating leftover quiche for lunch~
~and Jack getting to sleep until noon since it's too cold for the kids to go to school today~
What's keeping you warm today ?


  1. Sophie is making my heart melt right now!!! It is so bitter cold here too - Stay bunkered down and keep creating - Laura just got me my copy of Somerset Memories for the airplane - I will be ooogling over it on Friday!!

  2. a space heater at the next desk over.


  3. The beautiful pictures of my family and Sophie too, totally warmed my heart on this cold, cold, January day!

    Hugs! Mom

  4. i'm right there with you, working to stay warm.
    Hot baths with oil so as to not dry out my skin,
    Hot chocolate WITH whipped cream or marshmallows.
    cuddling with my son on the couch, watching Curious George.
    Getting a massage.
    Turning up the heater, even though it pisses my husband off. :)
    Those fuzzy socks and legwarmers.
    Having forced bulbs bloom indoors, reminding me spring will come.

  5. What is keeping me warm? Knowing that it is COLDER somewhere else! lol Seriously tho, it was maybe 17* this am when I walked the kids to the bus (my nostril hairs froze), but by this afternoon, with the sun out, I felt like shedding a layer. Today's high was 37*. At least the wind has died down. Yesterday the snow fell horizontally!

  6. P.S. I like your big head journal page!

  7. It makes me warm to read your thoughts and look at your pictures and your art..so please keep the fires burning, and the posts coming!

  8. Look at you -- hello, Beautiful People! You seriously look happy, relaxed -- my guys will NOT cooperate that way! And that must be your 16 year old you've mentioned to me; mine is home basking in DVD's, ample quantities of gatorade, & 2 packs of cheddar goldfish crackers. When do I get to break MY pinkie? (grin)

  9. What a terrific post! Sophie would make me all warm and toasty inside, too! That makes me think of all the lovely things that keep me warm in single-digit wind chills and a "promise" of 10-12 inches of snow over the next 24 hours! I think I may have to tag myself! For starters, my wonderful old quilts, fleecy shirts, an orange cat and hot chocolate!

  10. What a lovely post!
    You have said the important ways to keep warm!

    Congratulations on Somerset Memories Cover! :)

    With Kindness,

  11. awwwww, i want to cuddle up with sophie.


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