February 14, 2008

and the winners are.....

By now, all of the winners in my Valentine tag give-away should have received their tags.

Here is a list of the winners.....
{and you can check out these fabulous women by clicking on their names}

Congratulations to you all !!!

Happy Valentines Everyone !!!


  1. Beth, I LOVE, LOVE your most recent "big head" journal page! I can't get too much of them. Can I mail you my journal for YOU to put one of your big heads in mine? Or just mail me a big head page to tip into my journal. I love your art. :) And here's your award... (visit my blog)

  2. I'm savoring my win. A delicious surprise.

  3. Hi, Beth! First, THANK YOU! Your tag arrived last night and let me tell you, it had been a day! I was so surprised and more than that, thrilled! It's so very beautiful and I love it! More on that off blog!

    Second, I'm not sure why the link on your post to my blog isn't working -- any ideas? I'm so new to this -- I'll check my settings and try to figure it out! (All the others worked!)

    Thanks again!

  4. Beth,

    Thank you! I receive your tag yesterday..... The cute little pencil was broken to pieces though. it's okay you brought back a memory that I had forgotten. I had a little pencil like that when I was younger and I loved it. I don't remember where we got them. Thanks again for the memory and thanks for the GREAT tag.

    Sincerely, Angelica

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  6. Hey!! Happy Valentines day to you and I am so glad to be caught up enough to be back in blog-land! I love your journal pages, and I had fun on your youtube link. Thank you for all the love!

  7. Dear Beth, don't worry that you missed the music thing, I didn't know about it either, apparently it was started at Jen Lemens blog and they set up an email address for people who were interested. I just happen to LOVE Norah Jones and I have some of her music so if you let me know which song you like I will add it to my cd when I get it and then I will have a little part of you on there too! What do you think, good plan huh? Take care Luv Jen B x

  8. I received mine in the mail yesterday, Valentines Day itself.
    It made my day.
    My lovely tag has gone up on my inspiration board in my office and it makes me smile.
    Thanks. :)

  9. This is exciting! What a treat.


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