February 21, 2008

my yoga.....

{picture courtesy of flickr }

Yoga has become something that I really, really enjoy doing.

If I'm not doing something I enjoy, I get bored easily, stop paying attention and move on to the next thing that looks a little more interesting to me, and so on and so on.

A touch of adult ADD I suspect....seriously.

I don't enjoy getting dressed for yoga, going out in the cold, driving to the club or even setting up my mat.

But once I'm in the studio, the lights are dimmed, the music starts and the teacher with her soothing voice tells me to send out my negativity into the universe and be grounded to the earth during tadasana....well, I must say....at that point I'm somewhat delirious with my "self" and my "world" and I'm lost for the next hour.

And then at the end, when it comes time for savasana, I become more relaxed than I ever thought this sometimes stressed out and fidgity body of mine could be.

It's a feeling that I can't really describe to anyone. And if someone had told me what yoga felt like prior to me going to class myself, I honestly would have thought them to be a little nuts.

So what I'm saying is that yoga is wonderful....but I can't tell you that. Only by going to a class will you understand.

So I hope for any of you out there who are maybe thinking of trying yoga, that you'll follow your heart and go.... and then you, too, will be seeking a way to let others know what they've been missing.


{plus, if you have a teacher like mine, you'll also pick up a new language-sanskrit}


  1. ooooohhhh! I have been thinking about trying this for so long! I don't know a thing about it though. Can a "fatty" do it? I think I might get serious about this. You make it sound so wonderful.

  2. Hi Beth,

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I love your yoga entry (it is a most wonderful practice) and enjoyed browsing your blog.

    Sending warmth and well wishes your way. :-)

  3. I'm with Laura -- I have pondered yoga for at least 5 years without any follow through. The other thing that interests me enormously is Pilates ... hmmm ... I think it's time to make a foray into one (or both) to see what I actually think.

  4. Me again, I got your comment and wanted to ask where you get the OM message -- from the same site as the Universe message? I only get the universe message on Thursdays, and I WAAAAIIIITTTT all week for it, too, let me tell ya! I thought if I got it every day, maybe I'd stop really feeling the JOLT. Has that happened to you?

  5. Wow! I'm impressed! I know a couple of folks who are very into yoga and say it is the best! I haven't quite made it, but you make it sound so inspiring and wonderful! I'm just not sure this big ol' body can quite pull off all those positions! We'll see!

  6. I adore Yoga. It is THE most relaxing thing I can do for myself. I used to go to a class, but now I just do it in my living room. :)


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