February 5, 2008

SUPER TUESDAY, but different

Today is Super Tuesday, but we're setting politics aside.
What we're talking about is this beautiful baby.
20 years ago today I was in the hospital delivering her.
24 hours of labor.
A forceps delivery.
A girl.
7 lbs 8oz.
10 fingers.
10 toes
A head full of dark hair.
She stole our hearts with her first breath...
And she has made us proud every day since then.
Happy Birthday beautiful girl !!!


  1. Those eyes! Her perfectly shaped mouth. My Double BB SOOOOO wanted a girl ... I didn't then, but I do now ... too late. Both of your kids are gorgeous. Isn't it hard to believe you've got one that's 20?!!! (My oldest is 20).

  2. Beautiful! What a Sweet photo!
    Sandra Evertson

  3. Happy Birthday.
    Our life similarities continue to amaze me.
    Today we both have children having birthdays.
    It's wonderful, isn't it?

  4. Happy Birthday to your dear daughter!!!!!!!!!

    What a total QT pie!!!

  5. How beautiful! 20 Years -- I'd say that's a Super Tuesday to me! Happy Birthday to this little one (not so little anymore!)

  6. what a lovely tribute! You have an amazing talent at story telling. Thanks!

  7. I cannot fathom one of my daughters turning 20 (15 and 18 years to go)!

  8. those eyes are not mistaken~~ she is definitely your daughter..the apple doesnt fall far from the tree.......


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