January 19, 2008

it warms the soul

We woke this morning to freezing cold. It was -10 when we woke up. Later in the day while I was running to Target.... it was ONE WHOLE DEGREE !! But the sun was shining all day and it warmed my soul....yeah right, who am I kidding ??
My nose hairs froze as soon as I stepped out of the car. I coughed each time I took a deep breath and my eyes watered enough to humidify the rest of my face.
And much to my surprise, I survived.
It wasn't that bad !!
Really !!
I took these photos this morning out at the cottage. We ran out, filled the bird feeders, checked the traps for mice {none} and then headed back into town.
I have to tell you.....even in this frozen tundra, everything outside the cottage is still just as beautiful and peaceful as ever.


  1. same here.
    today it was three degrees when we woke, and this was improvement.
    they say that it will get in the high thirties here by next weekend. WE may just be walking around in shorts and flip flops.
    Stay warm and cozy. :)

  2. I find that with bright sun and white, white snow...the cold is bearable and refreshingly crisp. It also reminds us that we best hustle up lest we freeze our arse off!

  3. i love that you take care of the winter creatures, it melts me.....
    love you~

  4. Oh you gotta love the Midwest - YIKES it has been cold! The cottage looks like the perfect Winter Wonderland!! Stay warm!!!


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