January 16, 2008

hmmm...what are they ????

I wish I knew 100% for sure what these are....but I think....
they are hand carved wooden blocks made and used in India.....

to stamp designs on fabric....???? Does anyone out there know ??

Here's a quick sample of how they print on paper....
and I think they look really cool.
SO, here's the scoop. I woke this morning thinking I needed something new to stimulate these crusty winter senses of mine and decided that a trip to Anthropologie just might be the ticket.....and as always, they did not disappoint. SPRING is in the air !!! Well, at least there it is. Here (in real life) we have more snow coming and a high temperature of 5 degrees on Sunday....YIKES !!!
Anyhow.....I walked through the store, drooling over everything I came in contact with and then these babies jumped out at me. I had seen them before on this blog, but passed on ordering them from an Etsy shop, knowing that I'm almost always the kind of person that wants to touch, feel and hold pretty much anything I'm buying. So that's what I did today...boy did I touch !!
The sales clerk was so nice asking me what I was going to do with them, while I was busy making sure they weren't warped and would lay flat. When I mentioned the word "ART" her eyes started to glaze over and all of a sudden she looked like she needed to be somewhere else....immediately.....and turned and walked away.
But I hadn't bored her or scared her, which was my impression....actually, she had gone to the back room and came out carrying 2 more boxes full of these wooden stamps. You don't get that kind of treatment everyday !! I'm going to have to remember what brushed teeth and a shower can get you !!
So, I share with you my new stamps. And as soon as I add them to some "ART" I'll share that too !!!


  1. I totally need to go to Anthrpologie. I can't believe I haven't been there yet and it's one of my favorite stores.Aghhhhhhhh!!!!

    Sue :)

  2. What fun things...where is a store near you?? Thanks for the fun inspiration...I know you will put them to a great use!

  3. these are fabulous tools,they are textile blocks used in india to create those beautiful fabrics you see.
    nice find!

  4. Hey, it's Sue! What's good for you. I'm thinking probably a Sunday late morning. My sisiter is coming into town on Saturday. Sorry I'm writong you here, I'm at work and don't have your email with me.



    Now the thinking begins for what I want!!!


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