January 17, 2008

it just feels good in my hands.....

I started the new year off making an art journal book....
It's coming right along and I'm glad to just be arting without the pressure of writing as I go. Sometimes those feelings need to wait and grow before they are permanently in ink.
It's an altered book....which is now my favorite paper to work on. There's just something old and wonderful about glued pages all wrinkly and covered in gesso.
These are only my A and B pages.
And as much as I want to fill this with private thoughts, I might have to hold off and only share public ones, as this little gem just might have to go to Somerset when I'm all done !


  1. Nice views! Not only does it feel good, it looks good too!

  2. I am downright jealous.
    How do you this? Come up with the ideas, the images, make something so beautiful?
    It is so stunning.
    Do you every sell your work? :)

  3. Wonderful, beautiful, lovely. I would have a hard time not writing on the pages!

  4. awesome! did you use any of the wooden stamps that you got from anthrpologie on it? hey, did you ever finish that "thing" you were doing and not showing anyone?


  5. Next time we get together...I want to start an art journal like this with my 2008 bird engagement book.

    This is simply stunning!
    Your talent is amazing!!!

    I love your art so much!

    Send it to Somerset!!

  6. Great way to start the new year! Nothing like a journal to put your thoughts and art into day to day! I love the two pages you have so far and feel sure the writing will come in time:D I am partial to the altered books myself. Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for your kind words. I, too, will comment when I visit to let you know I was here....hugs, Linda

  7. Your work is absolutely beautiful! Mind if I add you as a link on my blog?

  8. Yuor work is absolutely beautiful!


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