January 14, 2008

She's not here......

Where in the world is my daughter, you ask ? Well, she's in New Orleans.
She left Saturday morning with a small group of other kids from her college, for a very LONG drive in cramped vans, to head south. They arrived safely last night.
This is their last week of winter break and they'll spend it building houses for the residents of New Orleans that lost everything in Katrina.
It will be hard work during the day and they'll spend their nights on air mattresses in small apartments where 7 people share 1 bathroom.
The food they eat is donated to them. Sandwiches for lunch and something "hot" for dinner. They know that the area behind where they're staying is very dangerous and have been told to never go anywhere by themselves...EVER !
I applaud these kids. Each and everyone of them. They could be at home, still relishing every last minute of their break, being spoiled by their parents, sleeping until noon and then eating potato chips for breakfast. Instead, they are CHOOSING to help strangers.
Aren't we told over and over again to pay it forward ?? We are and we do our little parts when we can...BUT these teenagers see the bigger picture.
They will come home exhausted on Sunday and head straight back to school on Monday with stories to tell, pictures to share and memories that will last a lifetime. But most of all they'll know that they helped to make a difference in someone's life.....and really, is there any better feeling than that ??


  1. What a wonderful story you've shared here. I feel so happy reading this.

    Your new blog is fantastic and this gorgeous image just blew me away. Brilliant.

    Hope you're having fun.

    Take care,

  2. Great images, Great Miss Kate! Give her a squeeze for me...bet your a tad worried too? You sound a wee bit brave in your story. Gotta love a loving mom!

  3. ha ! I applaude them too ! how many times have I thought of that and not done it ? They are fantastic to do it !

    Love this collage and hey ! Like the new blog too !

    Love, S

  4. Discovered you through Donna's blog. I applaud your relocation. Why NOT start writing in a new journal even if the old one is not full? Perfect timing for a fresh start in the new year.

    Yay for your daughter in doing something that she can take with her the rest of her life! Kind of like being in the Peace Corps, only at home.

  5. That's awesomE!!!



  6. i applaud your daughter, this kind of trip really puts into perspective what the news and tv doesnt show, what a wonderful life altering experience!!!! i am looking forward to hearing about her trip through your blog..

  7. That is so great!!! I wonder what they are doing right now!

    Also, the illustration for this entry is just the mostest!!!Love it!

  8. That is such a wonderful thing Cate is doing!! Yeah Cate! Yeah Mom for letting her little peep go! Your new blog is great!!!

  9. That's very impressive. Very special teens.

  10. Hi, just found your blog while passing through.
    "I'm just a stranger in town..." :)
    This is a great story- it's very important that we all do our part and, like others, agree that these kids should be praised highly, and their parents too. Well done!


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