December 8, 2011

a few of my favorite things.....

you get a car....and you get a car.... and you get a....well you know.
okay, i'm feeling a little bit like oprah today and decided to give you all a gift. 
you're welcome.
well okay. they're not really gift gifts, but they are links to some of the things i love.
{blogger is being a baby and not highlighting my links. just hover over them}
1. this is my new favorite eyeshadow and hello, look at it's name
2. i love this facial cleanser and pretty much all of their products
3. i wear these socks around the house all winter long. in every color combination
4. these t-shirts are the best ever. honestly the best t-shirts and they're even on sale
5. and i only have one of these, but would love a closet full. hello santa
so as soon as you're done shopping for all your loved ones, do some shopping for YOU. 
yes YOU. because you're worth it.


  1. fun stuff :) thanks for sharing

  2. This time of year it's so easy to forget ourselves...Thank you for this reminder, Beth :-)

  3. I too love your favorite things!! Baggalini is awesome!! On my list now...and the eyeshadow and the cleanser!! Sigh! Oh Santa!!

  4. Great price on those t-shirts. :-))

  5. Love that "blogger is being a baby ...". Going to hop over and check your loves out! Especially those T's since I'm a t-shirt kind of gal!
    Have a great day Beth!

  6. Thanks, I think. Now you have all these fun stuff in my head and I want. Happy shopping!

  7. cool stuff! love those socks! I already got myself plenty for Christmas, though... a lens and Lightroom! I think that might take care of my next birthday and the following Christmas, too!

  8. Ha! i love the styling of gap's super soft t-shirts this year - bought a LOT when they came on sale.

    love those eye shadow colors, too!

    and i have a black baggalini bag that is the perfect medium sized bag. found it at tj maxx. keep your eyes open...

    p.s. haven't made it over to get my pillows - got sidelined by a nasty cold and cough virus :(

  9. Funny, I have those same socks, a wonderful gift from a friend. They make me happy. Love it when you share these things.....although it invariably cost me money. lol

  10. I know a little one with a head of hair just like that! Soooo fun!! I love baby curls! Off to check out your links now! Thanks for the fun.

  11. i need some of those gap shirts!!

    xoxo the egg out west.

  12. Love the links!!! Lots of fun!!!!!! Want most of everything; especially the Origins!

  13. I love the eye shadow and have it.
    and sure you only have one purse.
    and she had the most beautiful curls.

  14. Kinda loving your favorite things!!! And I really love those tee shirts...such a nice fit and an awesome price!!

  15. As I'd have expected... YOU have great taste. And I live in those Gap tee shirts! They're perfect.

    xo jj

  16. Love the irresistible curls!! And - thanks for all the happy links!!!

  17. You know I do... because this is the time of year when I can smuggle in under the catagory of "Christmas gifts!!" ...

    I love those tshirts too.. and those SOCKS!!! and thanks to you, I now have atleast four pairs of fingerless gloves.

  18. Some pretty cool stuff here. Does the make-up remover also take off mascara? If so, I'm buying that. Love Origin products. Which Baggallini do you have and why do you love it so much? (I'm a purse-aholic). Thanks!!

  19. Hi Beth,
    Love your list! I might have to follow you advice and do some shopping for myself...I think I will just wait until the after Christmas sales... only so I can get twice as much for the money. : }

    I thoughth of you when I saw this great coffee is the ultimate in photo geekdom! : }
    (Not implying anything...of course.) : ]

    Let me know what you think!

  20. wait... you forgot the link to your credit card account so i could get all these things and charge them to you! =)

    haven't looked at any yet, but i plan to... especially the socks for winter {so need those, if they are warm} and the "one of these" that you want a closet full of. even though i don't know what it is yet, if it goes in a clothing closet, i will probably love it!

    thanks, oprah! =)

  21. I love those socks! And when it's cold, you can never have too many socks.

  22. Bought some of those t-shirts for my daughter for Christmas (I don't live in the north and don't need long-sleeved tees very often but great for her). Also determined that my decision to buy her some great new (organic) facial cleansers was a good idea if Beth thinks so too. I'm a happy person today because of you.

    Thanks! And Merry Christmas!


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