December 14, 2011

the disappointing fish....

the above photos are children belonging to one of our volunteers at HP
aren't they adorable

this photo cracks me up
the ballon man at HP made a "fish" for this little boy and as he turned and looked at us when it was finished, we could tell he wasn't quite sure what to make of it. 
quickly, i said, "that's not a fish if he can't see where he's going" and the volunteer sitting next to me at the registration desk picked up his marker and drew a face on the so called "fish."
the little boy looked at his "fish" again and this time was only slightly more impressed.
i think he was really wishing he had asked for a sword instead
if you're looking for some great artistic wallpaper backgrounds for your phone,
here they are and they're free and fun. i'm using the one from kelli murray.
remember when i mentioned these t-shirts as my favorite....well just an FYI....the white t-shirts tend to run one whole size smaller then the rest of them. bummer.  return. reorder.
plain and simple, i love this mom
{if you don't know her, start with her tab labeled "start here if you're new}
the photos here made me ache a bit. i need a flea market fix more then i realized.
last but not least
for little hands or moms like me who love their glue gun
ps...finally we have a few birds at our feeder. 
the little rascals have been elsewhere.
 i guess when you don't have any snow and temps in the 40's in december, in wisconsin, that's what happens.


  1. You know I lived in LA for 4 years and never went to the Rose bowl flea market!!! What the eff is wrong with me. Yeah...I feel the ache. And I love that blog...wowza!

  2. Oh I'm aching right along with you. I'd lose my shirt at that flea market.

  3. Love these happy little kids! Especially the eyes in the B/W one.

  4. Great photos and I need a flea market thrift store fix as well.
    Good idea!

  5. Hey Beth, I dream of getting to that flea market one of these days!
    and another very cool header.

  6. latebloomerbudsDecember 14, 2011

    They sure are Beth, and you know how to capture children! So nice to hear from you! Margie

  7. Oh, oh, oh, the Rose Bowl Flea Market is the best! Big sigh. I wish I had the energy to go more often.

    And the gingerbread making photos are so sweet!

    Merry Christmas, xo jj

  8. well, with a title like "disappointing fish" i just had to read on! crack me up.

    i remember you told me about that mom and her blog. i was pretty impressed... she has quite the following, too. i can see why. her blog is great!

    do you guys have the crazy sideways rain we are getting right now? it's so windy here. i can't sleep!

  9. The pics are wonderful. And you cracked me up about the "fish" balloon. Didn't look like a fish to me either!! Ha!!

  10. So many goodies !
    Enjoy the frolicking!
    Hugs !

  11. Love that little b&w photo of the boy. And my favorite t's are from Gap!


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