December 30, 2011

still searching....

i really wanted this year's word to find me. but so far it hasn't. 
i keep making myself available and whispering "here i am" while flapping my arms like a chicken.
but still nothing
most of you know by now about choosing your word for the new year, instead of making an impossible to keep new year's resolution. right.
if you don't, you might be living in a cave. kidding. not really.
anyhow, i have my list and the narrowed down version of my list, but still, there isn't one word that's jumping off the paper ready to live with me for 2012.
maybe it's my morning breath or something. 
{actually it could be the chicken like flapping arms}
who knows
what i do know though, is that i only have one day left.
{can you feel the excitement and pressure}
the past years my words have been 
{sanskrit meaning one who does or whore depending on where you look it up}
so as 2012 gets ready to drop her bags, kick off her shoes and stay awhile
i'll be busy trying on words
i guess i should be thankful there isn't a "pick your one word for the year" king 
ready to bonk me on the head if it takes me a few extra days to find what i'm searching for, 
but i like to be prompt. really prompt
so sunday, after a wild night of watching the ball drop from the comfort of my own couch,
i'll be back. with a word. for 2012.
control yourself
i know you can hardly wait
last night we watched "the adjustment bureau" which left us both talking afterwards. about life. and our paths.
i like movies like this. have you seen it?


  1. a chicken with flapping arms and bad breath...yeah, that's not going to be conducive to creating/inviting/absorbing a word.

    Silly comes to mind. You know, as in being silly. And you have such a good sense of humour.

    It will come to you...if not by Sunday, before the end of 2012. I'm sure of it!! :)

    Haven't seen that film but I do like films that make me think about life, the paths we take. Will add this to my list.

    Happy New Year!!

  2. Yes... saw the movie on Netflix a couple of months ago. Left me wondering as well.

  3. I'm watching The Adjustment Bureau tonight. Bought it a couple of months ago and have never seen it.

    However, truth be told - I may have put it in the DVD player, had a few glasses of wine and fell asleep, because it does look a little familiar.

    What a loser, eh?

  4. maybe you just have to wait for your word to choose you :-)

  5. We watched the same movie last night too! I have to admit I've never heard of the word thing but it sounds interesting.

  6. I love this "word" prompt! I can hardly wait to see what you pick for yourself. (You have so many to choose from!)

    My word already found me yesterday and I didn't even know it until I read your post. (Thanks...made it easy for me.)

    Either way...wishing you the happiest of New happy...see you with a new focus in 2012!

  7. i love your list of words from the past :) i've been thinking about 'focus' for my word this year. it feels two fold, i want to find more focus in general and i want to learn all the ways to focus my camera :)

    thanks for offering so much inspiration and support, i needed it in 2011, i raise a glass to you for 2012

    happy new year!

  8. I will be looking for your word. If it comes through California, I will tell it to hurry your way so you can be prompt.

    I haven't seen that movie. I have over indulged in Hallmark holiday movies, replaying the same basic theme over and over and over.....and over. Must turn the page.

    All the best to you in 2012. Cheers.

  9. my godfrey, has it been a year already since i've seen you pick a word?! yikes! 2011 flew by!

    no, i shan't be picking a word with you this year either. although i tried last year with 'dream'. *sigh*


  10. I had already decided on "choice" but am thinking "clarity" will work better. Still thinking though.... and wish, like you, that I was certain.

  11. The Adjustment Bureau was one of my favorite movies of 2011. Of course I loved both Emily Blunt's and Matt Damon's performances, but I also loved the way it made me think. And it was funny. I can't stand movies that take themselves too seriously. All life is drama, and all life has humor, even in the worst moments. So to me, all dramas need to contain that element.

    "That's not a skirt, it's a belt!"

  12. I'm having a bit of the same dilemma -- what will my word for 2012 be? hmm. Like you, I have a few floating in my head, but no one word staking a claim.

    The Adjustment Bureau sounds like a really good movie; I think we'll have to rent or d/l it. We all like Matt Damon.

  13. I like the one word idea. A couple of choices run through my mind, but one word that will comprise an entire

  14. I'm back to say that this movie is great. I'm not finished it yet, but now I don't want it to end. So interesting and I love this relationship.

  15. I haven't seen this movie.
    Good luck with being open to the word hitting you between the eyes. Mid year I had a word trying to shove out the other word for the year and finally I told it that it was just a part of me always, so it calmed down. I found my word by writing a list of things I wanted to accomplish for 2012 and at the end of the list my word just popped up there. Not a word I usually use and I was surprised and a little terrified, but I said OK I am up for it. Hugs and Happy New Year!

  16. I just wrote my post about the same thing.... it was hard this year to come up with a word - for some reason!

  17. I am waiting too!! Nothing yet!
    I think the chicken flapping may have gotten in the way?? Just saying!
    I haven't seen that movie yet...have to watch it now!!
    Have a great celebration

  18. your word will find you
    at just the right moment,
    I just know it will:)
    and it will be an awesome fit.
    bright beautiful beginnings to you,

  19. I didnt even contemplate choosing a word til last night, but since I had a fever, it would have been a really dumb semi-boneless.

  20. pick a word? that's a new one on me. call me a cave-dweller! ha! well, i'm just gonna stick with seeing each new day as it comes without attaching anything to it. that's been working pretty ok for me for this long. ;o)

    hope you and yours have a glorious new year, beth!!

  21. Haven't even begun the search here. I am just enjoying the present moments. Looking very forward to a little dinner party/games nigh tonight and loving having David home.

    I wish you and JOhn a sweet New Year's Eve, beautiful One and a 2012 full of laughter, peace and light. Big Hugs !

    (Ps: can't wait to see you next month ! Believe that ? Next MOnth ? ;-) )

  22. I always enjoy your photography and words. Hope you have a wonderful new year. I have though of Charlene over the holidays. I still miss her sweet spirit.

  23. All I know is it will be worth the wait :) You never disappoint in the words you choose and I am certain I will wonder why I couldn't have thought of that one? Ha!

  24. The word will come when it's ready. Happy New Year.

  25. I don't think I knew your word was savor! That's mine for next year -- which just sort of fell into my lap when I was writing tomorrow's post. You'll find it and if you don't, it'll find you. No rule that it has to come on cue! Maybe impromptu is more serendipitous! You never know!

  26. Wishing you a Happy New Year. I've enjoyed reading your posts and admiring your beautiful photography.


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