December 19, 2011

wait...they've got props...

when my daughter and her boyfriend volunteered at help-portrait with me
we had time to sneak into an empty bay after lunch

this is close to the same photo above. i just couldn't decide which one i liked best

as i was almost finished shooting
she says, "wait, they've got props"

it's sure a good thing she's a got a guy with a sense of humor like ours

the icing on the cake
this is their take on how NOT to pose for a photo
{unless of course you're a dork}
adult "kids" are really actually pretty darn cool to hang out with
these were all taken using only the overhead lights in the food pantry 
 ISO 1600 50mm 2.8


  1. Oh my! She's gorgeous! I cannot say it enough, you have the most beautiful family!

  2. 2nd from the bottom is my favorite. Sweet looking couple.

  3. These photos are such fun !!!! Cute couple.

  4. They both look so happy, They both seem like such lovely people. beautiful portraits Beth. hugs.

  5. 1st and 3rd are my favorites. Beautiful photos of a darling couple. Enjoy your holidays with them. xo Jenny

  6. LOl.. I love the first one, in color.. rich and soft brown and blue hues.. beautiful.

    Love the props too! Her guy looks to have such a warm smile, usually a good sign :-)

  7. Man, that apple didn't fall far from the tree! She's gorgeous and he's cute, looks like they have good humor, too. Seriously important! Love them all!

  8. They look like they have so much fun together! Very cool.

  9. Love these shots! What a fun thing to do and the props were a cute touch too.

  10. Both so photogenic and both with a fabulous sense of life and can't ask for more than that!!! And yes Beth, spending time with adult children is a true joy!!!

  11. how adorable are they!?!!

    love that smile, love that love.

  12. SO SWEET! They look so happy, and cute with the props going on;)

  13. Oh these are such fun. They're both just adorable.

  14. How deligthful to see so much love coming from their smiles. A beautiful couple. Thank you for sharing, Beth

  15. What total delight! I love them all.

  16. Absolutely adorable! I agree, it is wonderful to hang with one's adult children.

  17. Your daughters smile is absolutely amazing!!!

    what a beautiful couple....

  18. Beth,
    Love these photos!
    Your daughter is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!
    (And she looks like her mother!)
    What a cute couple! It must be so fun for you to be their photographer...seeing through the eyes of a mother.
    The lense unable to focus as deep as you see.
    What gifts!
    Happy Winter Solstice!

  19. I haven't been to your blog for a while but I see that you are still making people happy. Nice.


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