December 5, 2011

drama queen....

i walked by my very neglected camera this afternoon and it started to sputter. 
then it rolled over, grabbed it's chest and flung itself to the floor and played dead.
all in an attempt to get my attention. well it worked.
~how to take the photo above~ 
sit in front of your tree. stick your finger out in front of you and focus on it. move your finger out of the way and click. wha-la. a one hundred percent bokeh photo.

if you look closely you can see me in this photo. baseball cap and all.

here's how i keep sane during the holidays. 
i buy two or 3 gifts for others and then one for myself. 
{you were probably thinking it was massive amounts of wine weren't you}
anyhow, while shopping at tj maxx the other day, the bird pillow above jumped off the shelf and into my cart and begged me to take it home. 
and you know, with the holidays and everything, well i'm a sucker for begging. 
so now my most favorite pillow in the house sits in our throw all chair. you know, the chair where purses and cameras and coats and keys get tossed everyday. 
you don't have a throw all chair.
good thing i have a bit of christmas spirit in me, otherwise i'd have to hate you.
these photos are all sooc, even though the ornament one i cropped to square in my mac's simple edit program.
 funny, how i haven't used that in like forever. 
i know this is a totally random post, but it mirrors how i feel lately, but in a good way.


  1. That pillow is too cute!

    We have about 3 or 4 "catch all" pieces of furniture, so you should love me.

  2. the bokeh-only photo is pretty cool. thanks for sharing the 'how you got it'. :) like the birdie pillow, too.

  3. I like it when you are totally random! Great things happen.

  4. Oh your poor camera...going into death throes!!! I love how to take a bokeh photo with your are too cool for school!!!

    A cute pillow for a throw whole house is a "throw" -- there is tings been thrown all's beyond me now!!! lol!!

  5. Will have to give this a try when the tree goes up. Glad you were able to resuscitate your camera!

  6. Love love love this post! Laughing.
    And, oh yeah, I have a throw-all house right now. Ugh.

  7. Hi Beth,
    I LOVE this post...I was giggling all the way through. Thanks for the time on the photo...I can hardly wait to try it. I was gone over the weekend...but I did try to go into the settings and make sure everything was on "yes" so you could direct comments back to me. I don't know what else to do. I will be going on a trip at the end of the week and maybe with Blog book in hand...I can untangle the site/page. As I would love to make it more user friendly...and I would love to know how to put the vedio on my page. Don't give up on me! Please!
    Julia is a perfectly good method to deal with the holidays... : )

  8. silly girl! Love the pillow and the photos. Now I had a pillow jump in my shopping cart a couple days ago, but I told it to go back on the shelf. There was only one left and now I can't stop thinking about the lonely pillow sitting on the shelf. I think I must go back and get it. No throw all chair, just a bench or table or the kitchen counter.

  9. I want to hug on that pillow!!!!!

  10. The holidays can bring out many photo ops that have so many bright colors...also most people are willing to be in a photo.

  11. Great bokeh shot ... and cool you yo did it! And that birdy pillow ... well, good thing we weren't at the store at the same time and spotted it at the same time ... I would have had to trip you! :)

  12. Lovely images. I'm thinking that massive amounts of wine might be less costly. ;)

  13. I love that bird pillow. Haven't bought much myself. Well, some things for myself . . . I just can't get into it.

  14. I can't wait to try that focus on the finger trick. Thank you again.

  15. That's a great tip about taking bokeh photos! Love the cushion :-)

  16. You mean, that's not how you're supposed to christmas shop? uh oh.

    love, love love that first photo!

    and the throw all chair? right now it is piled chest high with clothes. i have to clean it off soon. very soon.

  17. I have a "throw" place in every room!! Love your post..

  18. Love your post and your pillow, can't wait to try the bokeh hint. have a great week. hugs.

  19. random away beth, random away :D

    I feel like I am chasing my own tail..
    holidays....yippppeee - sigh


  20. I have a throw all bench, that also has everyone's muddy shoes from outside underneath it. Plus a grainsack pillow.

  21. Loving that cushion, very cool. Our dumping ground seems to be our kitchen island, no matter how much I try to keep it clear things gravitate towards it and multiply.

  22. I think my whole house is the dumping ground! LOL... The ornament picture is really pretty and the pillow is adorable.

  23. 1. i love your randomness.

    2. i love the new "booty" header.

    3. thanks for the 100% bokeh tip. if i EVER get my tree up and decorated, i'll try it!

    4. it's a good thing i'm down here in florida. if i lived closer that pillow would be MINE.

  24. I never thought of using my finger that way in order to focus! Clever, clever. Your poor camera, having to beg like that. Mine is probably doing the same, only it's inside the camera bag where I can't see it. :)

  25. oh, my gosh!
    i love that ornament shot.

    i did blogged that same tip {about the finger} a couple years ago...

    works great, no?

    i can't believe these are sooc! hey! i see you in the ornament. i bet your tree is beauteous! let's get a shot of the whole thing! or maybe you have... i'll have to scroll down to see.

    isaac says hello.

  26. I love's good. And weird...that happens to me all the time when I go shopping. Stuff just falls into my cart and begs to come home with me. Hmmm.

  27. oh! I might try a bokeh shot and impress my friends :) thanks for the tip and the randomness... that is pretty much how I am all the time :)

  28. headed to the tree to try
    the finger thing.
    and loving the pillow:)
    happy Christmasing,

  29. It's an adorable post, so glad you shared.

  30. dear beth, that pillow is so very cute!

    lovely post, love the bokeh shot!

    have a great day!

  31. Your new header THRILLS my heart!

  32. The bird pillow is great -- it reminds me a wee bit of the wonderful cards you made a year or two ago! And love the "ball" mirror! Perfect!

  33. You don't have to hate me - I have a catch all church pew, kitchen counter, love seat, closet and even one whole bedroom downstairs!
    Thanks for the lesson on the bokeh! And I love TJ Maxx!

  34. That pillow is simply amazing!!!

  35. Love your new header Beth.
    And your random and your anything.
    I am so going to try that bokeh thing. thx

  36. I love the soft bokeh. Delightful

  37. i love it! these are great holiday rules to follow, when shopping. ; )


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