December 23, 2011

sleigh bells version

what. did you say we're going to sing christmas carols

oh please no. not jingle bells again

how about "OH holy night" instead

singing makes me hungry


hey nanny that i adore and your mom STILL taking photos of us
because if she is, i'm kind of done

oh alright. one more. but just of my gorgeous curls. talk to the head

hey photo lady, did you notice my twin sister is pretty much scared of you

she's playing peek-a-boo in hopes that she can't see you

just so you know, this is the closet thing you're going to get as far as a smile from her

don't even ask her to sing. she'll just eat her bagel and ignore you

i think she's thinking that if she has milk on her chin, you'll put that camera down
and eat your own darn bagel

HA...i taught her that. i taught her to turn her head and just show you her curls
i did. i really did. okay maybe i didn't. but it's funny that we both did that.
it's a twin thing


  1. This child is simply adorable!

    I've had my six year old grand daughter, Iris this week. OMG, how lucky I am.

    Happy Holidays to you !!

  2. They are gorgeous - and I love the curls.

  3. Beautiful babies and beautiful photos.

  4. Oh I WANT ONE!!! Or two!!!! Ooohhhh!!! Those eyes...those curls...ooohhhh. I love the round O mouth...they were very patient with you photographer lady...

    It's so funny. I was sorting through old ornaments and decorations this week and I came across a double snowman (stacked) that is a countdown to Christmas which I'd put out when my guys were little. I very nearly put it in the donate bag and then put it back in a box...because some day I might have grandchildren who will love to play with the blocks that change the days. How's that for optimism???

  5. Awwwww.. those faces. Who knew that the littlest angel was actually twins.

  6. I know you hear it all the time, Beth...You do have a way with little ones. Can I tell you I am a bit jealous ;-)?

  7. Wonderful pictures and beautiful children.

  8. swooning over those curls:)
    thanks for the sweetness,

  9. What a treasure--especially at Christmas.

  10. adorable! and gave me a big old sloppy smile.

    merry merry

  11. OMGoodness...don't know how I missed this yesterday.
    What darling photos! What fun to take them.

  12. sweet little ones, a true gift from God.


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