May 13, 2008

a whole box of kleenex and then some...

I cried alot the other night.
Not because I was hurt,
but because I love so deeply.
I cry easily.
I show my feelings freely.
And sometimes I let go to the point of no return.
I laughed the other night, too.
And I smiled.
I also did of alot of thinking.
Why all the emotions you ask ?
John and I watched,
P.S. I love you
If you've seen it, let me know how many tears you wiped away.
And if you haven't seen it,
please do.


  1. I like very few movies but this was a very good one I thought.Laughs and tears both.

  2. girl, i am with you, i cry at the drop of the hat and the older i get the more freely those tears fall!!!

  3. I've heard about this one and that it's good (actually, the 19-year-old boy suggested that, and he actuallly saw it, which brought a side to him I'd not seen before!)

    I cry like crazy. Hallmark commercials can get me. I cry when I'm touched or sad or scared or on the defensive! Hate it! But I never mind crying at the movies!

  4. Haven't seen it.
    But now I want to.
    I loved what you said about your tears.

  5. I find that I always cry when someone is being very kind...that always touches me... you know what movie always makes me weep? Terms of Endearment......

  6. I updated my DVD rental list today, and browsed, but decided not to add, P.S. I Love You. I thought it might be mediocre. But after reading your post, I’m going to click back over and add it!

    Movies can make me cry quite easily. And there’s something refreshing about it.


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