May 4, 2008

to be a kid....or a dog

Tired boy comes home from school and literally falls asleep as soon as his feet hit the carpet.

"but Mom, he's in my bed"

After an hour of napping, a phone call, a lick from Sophie and a change in body position, tired boy is still sleeping.

"fine, I'll let Jack stay in my bed ...but Mom, you gotta promise me that next time he has to at least make it to the couch before he passes out !"


  1. Watch out, cuz when he wakes up after a snooze like that, he'll be an inch taller and wear a size larger in shoes!!! GREAT pictures!

  2. This is great! What a cute kid and cute dog!

  3. LOL. Thanks for the laughter today.

  4. I had to show this to my 17-year old boy ... he cracked up! "Yep, when you're tired, you're tired! He answers his phone, though, that's pretty good -- I don't even hear mine!"


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