May 11, 2008

I remember.......

20 years ago....
getting pregnant fairly easily~
being diagnosed with placenta abruption and being on bed rest for 14 long days~
taking it easy for 6 months~
growing huge boobs~
gaining 35 pounds~
having an epidural~
pushing for hours~
being told, "it's" sunny side up~
pushing and crying~
looking at the clock feeling helpless and miserable~
the doctor telling me they were going to use forceps~
John being close to fainting~
holding a beautiful baby girl~
instantly knowing my life would never be the same~
16 years ago.....
it taking us 9 months to conceive~
everyone in the family finding out we had sex at my parents house Christmas eve, as that was when I was most fertile~
growing huge boobs again~
this pregnancy being a breeze~
gaining 28 pounds~
picking the name Jack for a boy and not finding any girl names that we liked~
being overdue, grouchy and demanding at my ultrasound to find out what sex "it" was~
going into labor quickly~
wanting to push this baby out, but the doctor wasn't at the hospital, so I had to wait~
with one cough, out came the baby boy they told me "it" was~
being amazed once again in the miracle of life~

"happy mother's day to me"


  1. Beautiful post (I got misty eyed reading it). Happy Mother's Day to you indeed! (((hugs)))

  2. hope your family planned a special day for you!! well deserved!

  3. So glad I found your blog. Not sure how you found mine but am glad you did. In addition to the similarities you noted, my big sister's name is Beth. And I play golf by your rules although my golf score would be better if it were for bowling. :)

    Happy Mother's Day. Those are two beautiful babies.

  4. Happy Mother's Day Beth! You have two very gorgeous children whom you raised very well!!!

    Hope all is well! I am home from my trip....

    lots of love

  5. AnonymousMay 11, 2008

    I love you Mom! Happy Mothers Day! xoxo

  6. A wonderful story and beautiful photos to go with it! Happy mother's day!

  7. I love this post, Beth!
    We are so lucky to be Mom's!!!


  8. I’m a second child, and my mother had a similar experience to you! I arrived so quickly she couldn’t get to hospital, and the midwife didn’t reach the house until after I was born.

    A lovely post. :)

    Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  9. How dare they tell you to wait. I didn't listen either.

    Lovely tribute to yourself and all of us. Thank you.


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