May 17, 2008

skunk cabbage

My view while down in the wetlands.
I'm not sure why I find this plant interesting, but I do.
This is what it looks like today...
and that's my hubby getting close enough to it to see if it really does smell awful,
and it doesn't,
unless it gets crushed.
It looks like a huge head of lettuce,
good enough to eat,
but I guess that animals
find it really digusting.

Here's another photo of the skunk cabbage,
from early spring,
just as it was starting to grow out of the wetlands
at our cottage.
And then another week or so.....
As you can see,
we have tons it...
none of the plants are close to the cottage,
but the valley and the wetlands
are full of it.


  1. Maybe you should seek out some DNR (Department of Natural Resources) money to maintain your wetlands area! They are big on that here in Illinois. Skunk Cabbage...go figure.

  2. Hmm, something looking suspiciously like this grows in the back of our garden-turning-jungle. Should I crush it to verify its identity?

  3. What? Really? You have to crush it to smell the horrible skunk smell?

    We have it growing everywhere here, and from a fair distance I can smell the nastiness! Could it be a different breed? Maybe only when it is in bloom?

    It's beautiful, but I'm plugging my nose.


  4. Was it you who asked me if I had seen skunk cabbage? Someone did recently and I hadn't -- so thanks for posting this! It really is lovely! You live in beautiful territory!


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