May 1, 2008

it will always be all about the shoes

I did it...
and I'm still alive
to talk about it !
I didn't get hurt,
or hurt anyone else.
I didn't complain.
I remained focused.
I played by the rules.
I played golf !!
real golf~on a league~with other women
and I survived !!

Golfing for me has always been played with my hubby and he lets me play by the rules that I make if I get tired, I can stop playing at anytime. If my ball goes into the rough, there is no penalty for picking it up and throwing it back into the fairway. If it takes me 8 putts to get the ball in the hole, but I think it should have only taken me 4 putts, well then we'll call it 6. If a ball lands in an area less than perfect, I get to move it to a new spot that is perfect. If my tee shot is awful, I get to hit another ball and pretend that the first ball never existed. If I think a hole is just kind of odd or too long, then I just let him play that one while I work on tanning my legs and last but not least, if we're playing 9 holes and I suck after 4, then I'm done.

So, can you imagine me after all those years of golfing with "my rules" playing by someone else's rules ?? neither !!! But I did it and it was fun !!

And my new shoes and glove....
well they totally rocked !!

{and for any real golfers out there who think keeping score is was a par 32 course and I shot a 58}


  1. Your golf rules resemble our family basketball rules when Mom is included in the game. Even though I KNOW how to play real basketball, the talent level of my 3 menfolk so far exceeds mine at this point that ... well ... maybe I need new shoes, yea, that's it! So glad you had FUN!

  2. I always believe in anything, high score wins! It's a whole lot more fun to hit the ball a lot of times (and better exercise, too!). This is why I'm not invited to play golf with other folks, but that's OK with me!

  3. YOU GO GIRL....

    The shoes ROCK!


  4. AnonymousMay 02, 2008

    Sounds like fun! Love the shoes! I am with you - I like it when I can play by my "own rules" too :)

  5. Haha! Way to play by your own rules!

    I'm choosing to live life that way as well.


  6. Your shoes are very "Nightmare before Chistmas"..Black and purple are all the rage in the younger set. I too love to play what we call "best ball"...meaning which ever one is getting to where it needs to be, well by golly we move ours to that place too! Nice to see you mingling with the locals.

  7. Heehee Hoohoo Hahahah. You play like I do, or once did (I haven't played in years, not since the kids came along). Congratulations on surviving the league play. I can appreciate the monumentalness of that! BTW, my shoes became a home for mice and then I didn't want them anymore (nibbled on and pee-ed in! Eeewwwwwww!)

  8. congratulations! the only kind of golf round I can get through is put-put. :)


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