March 30, 2008

what makes my family happy......

Take any cake mix and DON'T add the eggs and oil.....
instead, add one 12oz. can of any diet soda....
mix {by hand or mixer} and bake according to the directions on the back.
{a chocolate cake mix works best with a dark diet soda, like diet pepsi and a yellow or white cake mix works great with any light colored diet soda}
Once it's cooled, smother it with LITE cool whip.
Then decide how many pieces you want, as it's easier to cut it now...
before the fruit goes on.

Add your fruit, any fruit.....GO WILD !!!!
*this is a weight watchers recipe*
but you'd never know it !!!!
And who is this in the kitchen with me while I'm baking ???

Come closer......

There she is.....never more than a few steps away from me !!!!


  1. Look at that sweet sleepy dog!! So cute!

    That cake looks really good!!! I will have to tell Mike to make one!!!

  2. I've made that very same cake back in my WW days! I really love the look, the feel and the focus of your new blog! I have been remiss with out of town guests since Tuesday! I missed my visits.

  3. thanks for sharing the recepie.... I have a birthday and a good friends birthday coming up and I might just have to make this. Sounds good and I love how you decorated. Believe me I would be the one eating the fruit first!

    Thanks and have a great night.

    P.S.. Did you get a chance to look up the Wheaton, IL flea market.



  4. AThis sounds seriously yum. I'm going to share this one with my WW group tomorrow!

    Sweet companion! Can't beat the four-legged variety -- canine or feline -- for being a good pal!

  5. That's a beautiful dog!!!

    I miss not having an animal in my home. But allergies now rule. :(


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