March 19, 2008

I don't.....nope, I really don't.........

know how to play the piano
hardly ever where high heels
like to dust
eat baked beans
usually speak quietly
wear matching bras and panties
listen often enough
need contacts or glasses
sleep in a king sized bed
usually "go with the flow"
go to a tanning bed
wear socks with my shoes
know how to drive a stick shift
eat jelly with my peanut butter
like to be cold
sing in tune at all
really like musicals
tolerate cigarette smoke
wear much jewelry
feel good about war
sleep in the nude
try very hard with something I'm not interested in
bake or cook with a smile on my face
hesitate to speak my mind
keep my emotions inside
.....but sometimes I wish I did.....


  1. What an awesome list.

  2. Heeheehee. I had to re-read your opening title to GET IT! The last line confused me so I went over it again. You are too funnny! Love your current banner. Maybe I need to repaint my tumbling down gardening shed with a profound quote. You are an inspiration!

  3. Love this! I don't do lots of those either! And, like you, I wish I did. Sometimes. Some of them!

  4. This is so wonderful to read. :)

  5. Nice. Sometimes I wish I did, too. But - not most of the time. ;)


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