March 24, 2008

A big orange breast.....

It's Wisconsin....
and it's still winter here no matter what the calendar says.
And for all of you reading this from a warm weather state,
we are still getting "sneaux".....
our total for the season is over 104 inches so far,
and they say we aren't done yet.
Just makes you want to move here, huh ?
Makes me want to vomit.
look who flew in to cheer me up.
He's a pretty bird alright.....
so orange, so puffed up....
trying to stay warm....
I bet he's wishing he'd stayed south just a little longer.
Actually, I think I heard him say a few 4-letter words
even while I was taking pictures of him.
{and in case you're wondering.....
this is a real photo that I took !! No flickr and most importantly, NO photo shop !!!}


  1. Same here. Still snow. Still cold.
    March in Chicago is brutal, toying with our desires for spring.
    Like you though, we did see a cardinal the other day and it was the most lovely thing, such bright red against the white and stark branches.
    Hang in there.
    April is coming, and then May.
    May mantra of late. :)

  2. Sneaux does a lovely backdrop make for a surprise bird visitation!! Make a 100% spring big-headed journal girl to cheer yourself up! Also, GREAT PHOTO! I'm a purist; I NEVER use photo shop, not even to crop. I want to be a good photographer without ... toys? I guess. My dad is my inspiration there - also a purist, still shooting most of is really great Grand Canyon photos with a box camera he packs in on his back with his granola and bedroll, and this at age 71. Although I absolutely love so many of the digital techniques & color washes & other tricks, I'm not ready to forego the adventure of S.traight O.ut O.f the C.amera! SOOtC

  3. Is that a Robin? They came over our way about a week ago. We have had no more snow for a while, but it still never gets past 40 on a hot day! Missing you, loving your nature shots!

  4. Yikes. I know you had more sneaux than we did but BOY, did you! Our weekend blast is mostly gone. But alas, I haven't seen a robin yet this spring. Not even a baby bunny (unless you count all the stuffed and terracotta ones in the house).

    Well, it's a terrific photo and he's so perky and awfully full looking for being so early in the season!

    Keep warm -- it can't be long.

  5. What a gorgeous photo!
    And a very nice blog, btw. :)

  6. This part of winter is really strange. I wrote about it in my blog, Alley Grazer. Here in western Montana, one day you think about swimming and the next, (like today)everything is white again. I have to carry different clothes for the afternoon.

  7. whaaat ???


    Cripes GIRL - get the Lead Out !



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