March 18, 2008

am I alone or are you loved too ?

How can it be that I run into Target
to get 3 or 4 things
and come out
with my cart filled
with at least 5 bags of goodies

Does this happen to everyone
am I alone?

This doesn't happen to me in other stores
only in Target
even after I'ved convinced myself
that today will be the day
that I don't spend
I only need 3 or 4 things
I think Target loves me
Do they love you too
{picture by flickr}


  1. Target called me last night to see where I have been, so I went today and spent $300. They were very worried. I talked them down.

    Sue :)

  2. I love Target too! I love their marketing, I love the colorful displays and I really love that the closest one is over 50 miles away! It is a long distance romance we enjoy.

  3. I haven't been in Target in 3 years. On purpose. Because of what YOU said. I don't care if they love me. It's unrequited, it is, it IS! [Besides, my $100 goes farther in Walmart!]

  4. You are NOT alone. I go in there and it's like they put something in the music or the air -- all of a sudden tea towels I don't need look too cute to not buy. Sure, let's get extra laundry soap. We'll use it eventually. Don't forget batteries. Oh, and aren't those socks cute! Gotta have new socks...Ziplock bags only 99 cents? Let's get all sizes. And while I'm here....

  5. Since there is no Target within 45 minutes of my house and a Walmart just 10 minutes away- it's Walmart that I cart away $100 at a time. lol

  6. Target got another $35 of my money today & I wnet in to buy something for $1.49.

  7. I resist, really I do. But it's even harder when I bring the boys along. Target loves them, too.


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