March 6, 2008

Photos of me that I'm not {too} ashamed to share

This is one of my and my dad playing in the sand.
Oh yeah....I can rock climb with the best of them.

Don't laugh....this is when I turned 16.
{and also when I looked the most like my cousin, Andy Roddick...yes, the famous tennis player}

Come on....didn't we all have this hair style at some point during our teenage years ?

And then the perm ?
{I was 6 months pregnant {and 23} when this photo was taken}

And in keeping with the hair theme.....this is what I look like most mornings.
{with a big old rat's nest on top of my head}


  1. Hilarious!!!! Hey, I have seen you first thing in the morning and I think you look cute!!!!!

  2. These are awesome!
    I loved seeing all of them, a little trip through your life.
    Thank-you for sharing, for letting me put a face, or faces, to your words and art.

  3. Beth, Baby, you look good regardless ... I wanna trade morning heads with you for a week -- I look like Sid Vicious on twice the crack he was probably already doin' ... and I LOVE your perm picture -- I had so many heads of hair that looked just like that, and WEREN'T WE STYLIN?!!!

  4. You know, there are stars in Hollywood who pay hundreds of dollars to stylists to do their hair like your morning hair! A little styling grell and you are good to go!

  5. Ooops, it's not grell, GELL! heehee

  6. Beautiful no matter what!

    Sue :)

  7. Beth, I've thought of this picture all day, how REAL is it, how fragile and approachable you seem. I would like your permission to use it in one of my canvases, at some point. By that I mean to draw my 'female' image/face from this photo, not to use the photo itself. There is a poem in the genuineness of it that wants to art itself outta me!

  8. I hope it's okay- I tagged you on my blog. I'm not sure how it works so I sure hope I did it right.
    I read your page regularly so I picked you!

  9. i have seen you in the a.m. and without anything on your tiny rock siser!!!
    ps..thanks for your help today~

  10. The Andy Roddick pic is hilarious. That drink is as big as your head!!!

  11. Loved seeing all these. The sand versus rock climbing touched me. Play has changed in our lifetimes, hasn't it?! You are a brave soul!

    Love all the hair -- I think we've all had our hair eras! I like yours!


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