March 12, 2008

note to self......

This morning I got up, fixed my bed-head hair and put my work-out clothes on
I ate half of a protein bar
And then ran Sophie to the groomers for her spa appointment
I was at the gym by 8:15
for my 8:30 sculpting class
It kicked my butt
In a good way
On the way home, I decided to treat myself to a trip to the mall
I hadn't been there in ages to "really" shop
and I felt like treating myself to some new clothes
If you haven't showered
and you've had your butt kicked in a sculpting class
and the only thing on your face is lip gloss
NO salesperson will even look your way while you're shopping
and today, with the sun shining brightly
and my butt feeling tight
I was SO okay with that
because I felt pretty on the inside


  1. Pretty on the inside AND a tight butt-- woman, that's a GREAT day, in my book!



  2. Sweetie, the salespeople are just jealous of your cute round bootie ... I prefer to shop without the interference of salespeople anyway, being as anymore they are usually 1/3rd my age and clueless by way of size, shape, dialogue or reality! (hee hee) Did you find anything?

  3. Hi Beth,

    I saw your beautiful work in Somerset Studio magazine. Absolutely gorgeous! I would like to try it, but where do you get your vintage frames?

    Thanks for sharing your inspiring work!

    Jeanne Schaap

  4. I like that -- I'll have to remember when I'm looking bad on the outside that I'm pretty inside. Always seems like the day I have the flu or am going somewhere with bad clothes and no make up is the day someone comes up and says, "Hey, aren't you the woman on TV?"

  5. This is the story of my life. It's quite liberating to no longer attract the attention of marketers.


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