February 15, 2013


this entire week disappeared right before my eyes. to be honest with you, after i posted on monday, i've hardly touched my computer. i just now reached up and touched my forehead to make sure i don't have a fever. nope. all good.

our valentine's day was fantastic and i'm hoping yours was, too. i have photos to share, but they're not edited yet...i'm thinking tuesday will be a good day to share them. my hubby sent me a text this morning reminding me it was "the best valentine's day ever and that he would never forget it." 
yep, i'm smiling.

so how about all of those people on that miserable cruise ship? 

i'm loving the photos here. yet another blog in which my jealous heart wishes i had loved cameras and photography when my children were little.

our grand-dog had his surgery yesterday and has a very long recovery ahead. there will be months and months of healing from a hip-bone/fracture. his hip bone was actually removed and scar tissue will now grow in it's place. this will prevent the bone on bone rubbing/arthritis that his future would have held for him. can you tell that my heart is just breaking for him? next week i'll be babysitting for him and showering him with some grandmotherly love. grandma's make everything and everyone better :)

happy weekend everyone...and don't forget that monday i'll be back with more photography tips that will be a bit more technical this time. i'll also share some before and after LR edited photos so you can see why i love that program so much.


  1. Ok, first off - I love that link. Ohmygosh, Beth. I can see what you mean.
    Secondly, so glad you had a lovely Valentine's Day. I am totally looking forward to my weekend (it's a 3-day ~) and I hope you have a wonderful one, too. xoxo

  2. Those photos on that blog are awesome... Oh I barely touched my computer this week too...i think that's a good thing. :) Have a wonderful weekend my dear! xoxo

  3. I have not been online as much or on blogger. Thought I'd just peek at my feed when I saw those keys. THOSE KEYS!!! Drool.
    Weird "me" fact. I collect vintage typewriters. Yup. Big bulky typewrites. I have no place to put them, but I cannot pass one up if it is at a price I can afford. I LOVE LETTERS and type and typewriters and... yup. Weird. So the keys drew me in. And I'm glad they did! It allowed me to bask in your married bliss as you are ahead of me in marriage years and for every year your marriage remains successful and loving, I know there is hope that mine will do the same. :) I just love love.
    Happy Healing to your little Grandpup.
    Off to check the link now!

  4. Glad you had a good day. Dog surgery, tell me about it. Monty is going in for his 2nd knee surgery next week. (How do you beget grand-dogs?)

  5. So glad you had an awesome V-day! And those photos on the blog are gorgeous! What a clever idea by those women.

  6. Welcome back! Glad you are feeling much better and granddoggie will soon be on the mend. Belated Valentines Day -- running quite behind!

  7. Sorry to hear about the puppy, hope he gets better soon, thats always hard.
    Your Valentine day couldn't have been the best ever, cause mine was!
    And those people on the cruise ship....oh man....can you say Lottery winner!

    Have a great weekend.

  8. is it the teacher in me that loves letters or was that the reason I became a teacher? whatever, love them!
    happy that you and your loved one had such a love Valentine's day!
    even though I love being on water, I have never been on a cruise. and I won't ever now! what a ghastly experience.

  9. So happy you had a good, good Valentine's
    Ahhh, that Carnival cruise line. I don't think I will be traveling with them anytime soon. We had a wonderful cruise with them several years ago and now they have had two mishaps like this.
    Love the children's photo blog.
    Can't wait for more photography stuff. I actually figured out textures today on my PS Element, hooray! Hoping to take some twinkling photos soon.
    Are you working now? I hope if you are it is going well. Hugs!

  10. After all these years together, you are still making new "best ever Valentines Days"? Wowza! What was you magic this time?
    So glad you had some good loving. Wishing your sweet grand dog some quick and steady healing.

  11. When I think of all those missed adorable photo opportunities when my children were infants, toddlers, preschoolers, etc. etc... I took pictures back then, but not the way I do now, and with all this awesome technology to boot.

    You and your husband... you know it's a rare and beautiful thing, right? :-)

  12. I'm right there with you this is the first time on my computer forever....this whole working thing has totally thrown me in a loop! Hope your grandpup recovers well.

  13. I've been like that too. I have hardly touched my computer in these past two weeks.

  14. What a fun link. Getting eager for the birth of my grandson towards the end of March.

  15. Sometimes I avoid e-mail like the plague. Ach. I just don't like to get on it that much.

  16. i tend not to sit at the computer on weekends ... lots of catch up on Mondays


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