February 2, 2013

a bit flighty and photography 101.....

to be honest with you, i'm thrilled that january is over and done with. kaput, gone and only a memory. maybe i sound harsh, but january for me seemed to have joined forces with 2012 and was not the start to "the new year" that i'd been waiting for, but rather an extension of a year i was so happy to have put behind me. 
so february, i'm sorry, but i'm putting pressure on you to be my mr. wonderful. i hope you can do it.
today we are celebrating A LOT. our son just graduated with his associates degree in sound engineering, our daughter's birthday is tuesday, our son's girlfriend's birthday is today and i just accepted a new job yesterday and start on monday. can you say noisemakers and party hats :)
photography tips 101

did you think maybe i forgot? not a chance. on february 4th, 11th 18th and the 25th i will be answering many of the questions that i received from so many of you {thank you} and sharing some of my everyday photography and editing tips. originally, i was going to do 8 posts. instead there will 4 very full posts, shared on a monday, with hopes that you'll have all week to play. at anytime while you're playing, feel free to send me a note if you have more questions or if i have confused you in any way.

just FYI, these are the cameras i currently shoot with and this video made me cringe a bit. i remember last year when i completely freaked out when a little kid kicked sand into my beach bag and covered my camera with a cup of sand. okay whatever, maybe it was like two tablespoons worth, but still, it almost required a visit to my therapist. 


  1. glad to hear you're trying to stay in the moment and enjoy what's in front of you.
    looking forward to the photography tips and giving thanks to you for sharing your gift with the rest of us.... with gratitude, thank you

  2. I'm looking forward to your tips and can't wait to try some new things. And congratulations on the new job!

  3. That photo has such a winter feeling to it.

    I hope February is wonderful to you. Congratulations on the job!

  4. a new job! are you happy about it?

    january hasn't been exactly anything to cheer about here, either. let's hope february treats us better!

    and huge congrats to the graduate!!!

    (love that little bird - he looks all fluffed up against the cold...)

  5. Can't wait, but A JOB! You just throw that out there and don't say what it is? Are you teasing us? So much going on in your life, please have fun! February will be a good month, I just know it.

  6. What kind of job ????
    I hope it is something you are really excited by !
    Come on, February !!!
    Love ya !

  7. congrats on all the moving forwards!
    love the photo,
    the quote,
    the dirt-forgiving camera
    and the way you're storming February's beach:)
    i wish you joy,

  8. I'm with you, so very happy that it's Feburary now and may I just say WOW! You have alot of stuff to be jumping in the air about ... enjoy each moment.

  9. February is looking like it knows what it's about...wonderful celebrations and that includes you Mrs. with your new job!! woot!!! Go get 'em Beth!! xoxox

  10. LOL...did you see my blog post today??? January sucked...but you knew that! Congrats on the new job...that is awesome. This month is going to be o much better...I know it!!!


  11. I do hope things start looking up for you...enough is enough already! Sounds like a good start to the month though, am looking forward to your tips, hoping I can find some simple enough for me to make use of with my point/shoot/automatic settings....Looking at the other settings on my camera, A/P/S?? whatever, is all Greek to me no matter how many times I set aside a few hours to play with them I just don't get it. I like what you told my cousin Dagmar about winter shots...I just don't remember it already lol!

  12. We have snow and I'm happy, although a little sunshine would be nice. Love the tips idea. Huge congratulations on the new job, the birthdays, and especially your son. Woot!

  13. Congrats to your son....
    Congrats to you on your new job.
    Happy Birthdays all around!

  14. Oh, Beth, I do hope February is kinder. Looking forward to your photography tips. One thing I love about photography is that I am always learning! Congrats on the new job and all the other milestones. :)

  15. I love the bird pic and am looking forward to tips.
    Congratulations on all the good things.

  16. Looking forward to learning how you do what you do so well. Blessings as you begin your new job.

  17. I think the quote is perfect. I sometimes wonder if I am the only one who see the king is naked.


**I love reading the comments you leave, as they make me feel like we're sitting in my kitchen, having a cup of tea, discussing life and wondering where all the time has gone ...beth