February 9, 2013

simply weekending......

we're being lazy today because we can...and we can be lazy tomorrow, too. it's the weekend and weekends during the winter feel longer, lazier, snugly and more cuddly than weekends during the summer. they have to. it's a rule.

i can only imagine how snuggly the east coast is feeling right about now and my heart goes out to you if you're buried by drifts of snow and especially if you've lost your power. i thought our last storm was a doozy and compared to the east coast, with their hurricane force winds, ours was nothing.

our daughter just left. she was out getting her saturday afternoon errands done and stopped here with lunch for all of us. soup and bread from panera. ahhh, just what the doctor ordered. 

our grand-dog has to have surgery thursday. a fracture of sorts in his hip/leg. poor baby boy.

i "worked" this morning getting my blog post ready for monday. yep, another photography related post with hopefully lots of information for all of you who are waiting to have your questions answered.

many of you ordered the flash bouncer i talked about last monday and i'm so happy that you're happy with your new toy. it's fun to play with, isn't it...especially when you see what a difference it can make. just remember to change your settings to what suits you and your current shooting situation. don't just use what they recommend. all cameras, locations, available light and ceiling heights are different !!

i hope you're surrounded by your loved ones this weekend...and that they kiss and hug you often :)


  1. It sounds like you are having a perfect winter weekend. I am soon off to stroll a neighborhood with me camera, then a late lunch with friends. No snow here. Thanks for recommending the flash bouncer. What a fun company to include a special surprise in the package.

  2. Perfect cuddling week-end Beth...It seems it is exactly what everyone needs. Slight migraine coming on, but plowing through and going out for a walk before it rains .
    Hugs to you, Beth and sending you love and more hugs xo

    P.S: I'm getting the red traveling tutu :-)

  3. Yours is my kind of winter weekend. Stay warm and cozy.
    And good luck to your grand dog.
    xo jj

  4. Weekends that are lazy and snugly are the best kind!
    I love your photograph.. a perfect winter landscape.

  5. I think it's wonderful to have a weekend to just enjoy.... I'll be back tomorrow for your tips. And this photo you posted is just perfect.

  6. Even though I am. It working right now I still take it easy on the weekends, especially Sunday. Looking forward to your post tomorrow. Hope you continue to have a nice, relaxing weekend.

  7. My weekend hasn't been all snuggly, but it has been full of get togethers with friends and long walks with my son (plus a few episodes of old Dark Shadow!) so it's been wonderful, too. Glad you're staying warm!

  8. I love my flash bounce, Beth. So glad you told me about it. Plus it's making me get more adept at manual photography and a bit more confident, especially when the photos come out beautiful.

  9. they are longer ... i never thought about it that way ... it makes the cold more bearable :)

  10. i loved your hope....that they kiss and hug you often:)
    beautiful, that.
    glad it was a cozy one,

  11. we woke saturday to a winter wonderland ... it was lovely all fresh and white ... went to the park, then to do errands the streets were cleaned but the intersections are icy fjords ... cross only with hip boots!

  12. I had a snuggly weekend out of town. After all the snow that was dumped on Friday I wasn't sure we'd make it but the roads were clear and the sun was out and off we went. And now, late afternoon Monday and the sky has turned dark and grey once again, the wind has picked up and yes, snow if on the way. Well, what's a little more, right? I think this might be a week for snuggling in!! Love this photo!

  13. Lovely to snug in, isn't it? I hope your sweet baby granddog is healing fast -- that definitely sounds rugged. Don't you hate to see them hurt! We were close to home, too. Sure is nice.

  14. i love love LOVE that photo!!!

  15. what a sweet northern barn. *sigh* :)


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