January 24, 2011

please tell me....

that you're not tired of my jumping photos
~because i could do this all day long~
these two sweeties
from tallahassee
so is this group
~i think they are all students~
if you've ever been to seaside
then i know you've shopped here
they closed for a tiny bit after the holidays and this past week they were back to work setting up the most incredible vignettes
sophie and i strolled through the market everyday
watching and drooling
{me not her, over the new clothes}
quickly made friends with managers
ann and morgan
wanted to jump for me
when they found out that that's what i do
~they are too sweet~

these two unsuspecting beach walkers
from ft. walton beach
or shoot
was it panama city
were more than willing to set down their beers and jump for me
~guys are so easy~
this is judy and her grand-daughter. we met judy the first day we walked into town and since she spends the winters in seaside, we've been lucky enough to talk to her almost everyday.
she really wanted to jump for one of my jumping photos, but i told her that i just couldn't take the chance that she might fall or twist an ankle. now granted, she rides her bike everyday and is amazingly young for her 70 plus years. but sometimes i just have to draw the line.
whatever her grand-daughter eats for breakfast, though. well, i want some of that.
wow. can this girl jump.
of course we had to throw in a few cartwheels
this family is from henderson, kentucky. which is just barely a breath away from where we lived in newburgh {evansville} indiana for 8 years. so we had lots to talk about.
at first
the little guys weren't so sure that jumping was what they wanted to do.
~actually i'm not really so sure dad wanted to jump either~
when mom said "come on, let's do it" they all joined in on the fun

aren't they the cutest
believe or not
it's the younger kids
already close to the ground
that have the hardest time jumping

so you can imagine how happy i was
to see the "air" they were able to get
{and to see the seagull in the upper left corner}
thanks to all my jumpers. you make me smile until my cheeks my hurt.
and guess what. i have more. see. i told you i could do this all day.
the rest of the photos will be up a bit later in the week.
ps...the packers are going to the super bowl. it's good to be a cheesehead.
this information below, from kate is so helpful, that i might be publishing it a few times, as i really want to respond to you when you leave me a comment. but i can't and i don't want you to think i'm ignoring you. because i'm not. honest. you just have to change something.
here's the information
thanks kate

Bloggers out there ~ you’ve seen it. It’s the ‘Noreply-Comment@Blogger.com’ message that appears sometimes after you click on reply to a reader’s comment.

I often respond directly to reader’s comments, but there’s that little grinch who always seems to show up like an unwanted guest when I have something I really want to say to someone.

There is a way to help rid this little problem and it’s so easy to do. Readers who have blogs can do the following:

  • Open your blog and click on the Customize link. It’s in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
  • Click on the Dashboard link, also in the upper right hand corner.
  • Now click on Edit Profile, on the left hand size of the screen right next to your picture.
  • This takes you to the Edit User Profile screen.
  • Look in the Privacy section.
  • Check the box that says, “Show my e-mail address”.
  • In the Identity section, enter in an e-mail address.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on Save Profile.

And that’s how it’s done. This will rid the world of Noreply-Comment@Blogger.com. Unless you wish to remain stealth, of course. And that I will understand.


  1. i am loving these. can't wait to get to the beach myself. four more days. yay.

  2. big smiles. I love that first one, just amazing.

  3. I love the bellies you get with some of your jump shots! And that little blonde girl is just precious (and agile!)

  4. Oh I love these shots!...especially the little boy with the red shirt that says Awesome! Now I hope your cheeks are hurting too much from all that smiling...great win yesterday... :)

  5. Some of those jumps are pretty high! I love that you are bringing back childhood fun to the adults. I can imagine me asking someone to jump. They'd say 'what are ya nuts?' but you...who in their right mind can say 'no' to you! Beautiful shots dear lady.

  6. I think it is great you can get all these people to jump.,bringing out the kid in the adults is wonderful. I would be smiling too. hugs

  7. So cool. It's amazing how high some of these folks can jump. I hope you've given them all your blog address so they can see how you've made them shooting stars!

  8. I stumbled over from another blog a week or so ago, and I'm so glad that I did. I love the jumping, I love your words, and I love feeling so happy to see another post. Thank you!

  9. Love love LOVE the shots, Keep em coming.

    I have been ranting about no reply comment and trying to get the word out in every way I can. I even put a note in my sidebar to say I won't attempt to contact a blogger anymore if they are no reply comment. Having to go to their profile, find their blog, leave a comment about their comment...all so that I can answer the question they left etc... NOPE no more.

    and last, ah, sorry but Steelers all the way :D . ( grew up in western PA an hour from Pittsburgh during the years of the "iron curtain" defense and the 4 rings.."one for the thumb and all that"

    but I love cheese..lol


  10. this is just so much joy!
    Joy is always good.

  11. You are sure keeping busy with all those jumping folks down there ! So cool ! You will have quite the jump portfolio after this trip.
    Enjoy the beach for me today !
    Hugs !

  12. oh, I just want to JUMP!!!
    That little girl with her gma is amazing... she can jump so high. She ought to play volleyball or basketball or something...
    Your photos are amazing. Love them. SO much fun wrapped un in this post! Really. Probably made every reader smile.
    I will check my reply status... but then you have to send me a note... haha.
    happy Monday!
    BTW, I need a new pair of socks! Can you send me the info again. Not sure what I did with it!

  13. Great shots, you must truly meet some fun people this way.

  14. Oh, I love these jumping photos! So please don't feel that you have to stop.

  15. Love all the jumpy shots;
    am keen to give it a go myself.
    I just wish YOU lived nearby and I
    could get a jumper of my own!
    I haven't thought about jumping in
    quite some time; thanks for bringing
    jumping back:)

  16. Love these shots! I have a friend who has someone take a photo of her jumping in every place she travels to - and got us in on one. Fun! The reply instructions were helpful - but don't apply to typepad users, unfortunately.

  17. Did you know that a doctor says that if we women jump 100 times each day, we greatly lower our risk of osteoporosis and maintain our bone mass/bone density? See, beth, it IS good! "Go 'head and jump! JUMP!"

  18. Are you sure you didn't have a trampoline out there somewhere? That little girl could jUmP! Fun, fun, fun pictures that definitely brightened my day.

  19. I could watch people jump all day long, watch you photograph them, and look at their photos here for eternity! JUMP ON SISTA!

  20. my jumping bean...it's bean very good to see these and it brought happy to my day

  21. Now I am loving every one of these jumps,beth!!!!!

  22. I'm NEVER tired of any of your photos....and your jumping photos are fannnnntabulous!!!
    Keep 'em coming!!!!

  23. I love these pics and am always surprised at how high they can jump!!! And the kid in the "awesome" tee shirt-- how perfect is that :-)

    Thanks for the "how to' advice. I appreciate it.

    xo jj

  24. I never tire of your jumping photos because they are so happy and joyous. You can't help but smile every time you see someone jumping for you.

  25. FUN pictures! Those jump shots (hahaha) are the best--I cannot look at them without feeling happy.
    And you are right about little kids having the darndest time jumping UP!

  26. I am certain no one around here could ever tire of these fabulous jump shots! I love them...they make me happy.

  27. these folks are gonna be SO happy they jumped when they get old and frail and their grandkids refuse to believe they did. they're gonna have proof. so much FUN!

    and THANK YOU re: the no reply fix. i've replied more than once only to notice, as the email is sent, that it's going nowhere. :)


  28. I love these to pieces!

  29. I need to try this. Fun stuff.

  30. I love all the belly buttons!

  31. Every single one of these photos is just incredible! You have brought alot of sunshine to an otherwise gray and dull day for me.

  32. OK, so now please tell me how to reply directly to a blogger's email.


**I love reading the comments you leave, as they make me feel like we're sitting in my kitchen, having a cup of tea, discussing life and wondering where all the time has gone ...beth