January 6, 2011

and a little bit in between.....

just a stroll to the west of us
is the bay
late tuesday afternoon
the water was like glass
it was as breathtaking as the ocean
i've always wondered why seaside feels so safe
now i know
superman and batman
live here

these birds truly are beautiful
sometimes they're messy and loud
but i love them
the wave wasn't even close to being as big as i thought it was going to be
so jumping on the sandbar was a breeze
even though i looked like a dork

there aren't many seashells on the beach
broken pieces of sand dollars are everywhere
of course the heart shaped ones are the most special
when we used to come here in october
it was common to see the washed up jellyfish
i've never seen one this time of year

of course
just a stroll to the south of us


  1. Beach strolls, my favourite kind!

  2. You are so adorable! So full of glee!

    LOVED the reflection shots!!! Gorgeousness!

  3. LOL i had to laugh at the jump - all prepared and then...but it is all fun to have a belly laugh right?

    and yes...broken heart sand dollars are very special

  4. Just dropping by
    your place
    makes me feel
    lighter on my feet
    in my heart:)

  5. I never had a desire to visit Florida until now!!! Dreamy, dreamy trip. You better get back here soon or I'm coming down to get you! (note hint of hope you stay so I have to make the trip *wink*)

  6. Oh It does look wonderful for sure. You don't look like a dork. lol. have fun, it really looks fabulous. hugs.

  7. i LOVE your blog name and its contents... i am so happy to have found you..
    peace and happiness to you in this lovely new year... xx pam

  8. Oh your jumping shots!!! You are NOT a dork! And thank goodness for Batman and Superman ;)

  9. oh lordy. this is gorgeous. and you are having so much fun! love, love, LOVE!!!

    :) Debi

  10. thank you , Beth,
    for the sun today.

    it is much needed.

  11. I thought you were headed into a cartwheel! I think I've just named another photo challenge!

    Your photos of husband and husbandwithshell are just really full of soul, know what I mean?

    And the memories you are evoking in me!.. including stepping on one of those jellies and sitting with foot in a basin full of vinegar and meat tenderizer for days.

  12. Just drooling over the sea! Gorgeous photos!

  13. I just love your photos, your subject, your surroundings. Thank you!

  14. Happy happy happy.

    So glad I stopped by today . . .

  15. I find your style of photography very soothing.
    Beautiful images.

  16. Life's a beach, as they say. Yours is beautiful-- and safe with super heroes :-)
    xo jj

  17. Looks like a great spot for romance, and yoour pictures are, as always, breathtaking.

    Beth, do you know how to get rid of unwanted followers?? I had one really wierd one just pop up and I can't seem to get rid of it, I don't find an options to do so when i click on it.
    Any help would be great from you, the blog queen!

  18. Just looking at these warmed me up a bit:) My favorite is the batman and superman shot! Excellent fun!

  19. Great photo of the seagull; also of Batman and Superman!

  20. oh! sigh... and how cute are batman and superman?
    gorgeous, so glad you are having such a great time!

  21. Thank you so much for visiting my little blog!

    I'm loving this photos because if I try really hard I can close my eyes and be removed from this frozen tundra that is Minnesota and be transported to wherever it is that you are. And that's wonderful.

    Looking forward to reading and seeing more from you! Have a wonderful night!

  22. Oh just beautiful! What is it about your photos that evoke the love between you too?

  23. Breathtaking photos!!! I so long to be at the beach right now. It is so cold here!! Brrrrrrrrrrr!! Being outside is painful...really! It's that cold! Yikes!!

  24. You two have so much fun together. I too like the heart shaped pieces found on walks. The first photo looks like glass and the reflections are perfect. Of course, nature is perfect, and you take photos and the partnership of your talent and nature makes perfection.

  25. oh my God Beth....these photos tell such a beautiful story of a beautiful couple, fun and frisky, playing in such a beautiful sandbox....I can hardly wait to come jump with you! I hope Batman and Spiderman will still be there to keep us safe when we get out on the wildside! See ya in a few days!!

  26. How beautiful! I have only been to Seaside once, in the middle of a huge storm, so I have never experienced its beauty. I am more of a mountain and lake person than an ocean lover, but these photos make me long for the beach.

  27. Simply lovely. The heart shell -- it seems so perfect for you! We all need a little love. You live it every day! Makes me smile!

  28. i love the heart you found on the beach...

  29. Lovely times and seeying you act all funny made me smile big time. Let's make a deal and never ever grow up...promise?
    Hugs Dagmar
    love the colors in all of these Beth.

  30. I love the picture of the seagull... so beautiful with all that lovely bokeh behind him. I love them too...the sounds they make immediately take me to the ocean, even if I am nowhere near the ocean.

    And you found a heart shaped sand dollar!!! swoooooonnnn!!!
    That is so so special. :)


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