January 28, 2011

a bit more of this and some of my stupidity....

this is a friend of ours

he and his wife came down to visit us for a few days. i told them they didn't have to jump. in fact i was a bit nervous to let them. but they insisted. actually he insisted and his wife came along for the ride. she's so darn sweet.

these girls were too cute. they're from destin
{i think}
you'd think after awhile i'd learn to carry a notebook with me to keep track of everyone. but no. i rely on my memory. actually i try to rely on my memory.
i found this cute couple biking and taking photos in town.
they're from cedar rapids, which is in my neck of the woods.
you know. wisconsin. iowa. illinois. we're like triplets.
check out these jumpers. they're from tampa and mississippi.
{once again. i think}
the girl in the pink was totally getting into the fun.
samantha. lucy. and tracy.
all from my favorite little shop
{is the hair in the middle photo hilarious or what}
i adore these two guys
if my memory is right
they're from bloomington, illinois
i think they would have done anything for me. i should have asked for cartwheels.

here's where my stupidity comes into play
these two girls are twins and are the sweetest people i think i have ever met.
obviously one is pregnant
is due in a month
the other is not
{i pray that i have their names right}
both of them are married to men serving to protect our country. they are originally from phoenix. terri lives an hour from here. tracy lives in las vegas.
so what would a really good photographer do after spending that much time with strangers to know that much about them.
she'd be smart enough to have her camera set to get a photo that it's in focus. but noooooo. instead she first uses one camera with the wrong setting that totally overexposes the photo. in seeing what is happening she runs to her hubby and grabs the other camera. changes lenses. runs back to the girls and is blinded by the bright sun which prevents her from seeing that her red focal point was not in the center where it should have been. arrghhhh.
thank god i had taken photos on their camera first. please tell me those turned out if you're reading this. my fingers are crossed.
the jumper. she did that pose in every jump and totally cracked me up. i didn't ask but i bet she played volleyball in high school.
thank you thank you thank you
to all my jumpers
you truly made my january one i'll never forget


  1. Oh how I wish I could jump for you and have my picture taken. It looks like so much fun for the jumpers and for you. Thanks for sharing all your very fun pictures!

  2. I have loved all the jumping photos. Fantastic captures and what fun. Wow you must of had fun and laughed and laughed.
    Im in aww.

  3. Beth you crack me up....by trying to keep all the names and places they live in your head...do get yourself the cutest little book and pencil to keep track.

    And again LUF those shots. You've done so well, the colors, the jumpers, the total outcome...amazing.
    Happy weekend my friend.

  4. Ha! What great jumpers you have come across...AGAIN!! Ha! I love it! Great shoot!!

  5. You're a regular riot. These folks are so lucky to have come across you in their own travels :-)

  6. You need to get some business cards printed up with your blog site on them and email (Vistaprint does a great job!) Then hand them out to all of your jumpy friends so they can check in and see their lovely selves!

    Those are great. I especially love the twin sisters. What a wonderful memory for them. :)

  7. You are awesome, Miss Beth !

    I love the twins together - so beautiful from a moment captured point of view even if your perfectionist photographer doesn't think so !

    Here's to a January so very well spent. Love you Friend.
    Safe journey's home.

  8. They are all great, and sweet, and I am so amazed that you get all these people to do this for you. It's wonderful.

  9. Your pictures are wonderful!!!! Your "stupidity" level is so very low, that I think we should trade.

  10. don't you have a note app of some kind on your phone? Even my cheap non- smart phone has one which I use a lot because I NEVER have a pencil. My other trick is to email the info to myself via my phone....

    and I organize for a living? HA!


    GRRR-EAT photos BTW

  11. jumping for joy
    and joy abounds ...

  12. How DO you go about approaching strangers? I'd be too scared to try!

  13. I've loved your
    jumping January!
    Joy right back to you,

  14. I loved everyone jumping, you are so good with people Beth,. glad you had fun.

  15. Love all of these photos!!! Funny, when I was doing my stranger series I was able to remember everyone's names. Now I can't remember if I feed the dogs in the morning...;)

  16. Such memorable encounters you have with these jumpers. Very cool... and fine photos as always.

  17. Some of your jumpers reach great heights. Awesome. I know you have fun doing these photos. And meeting great folks, young and old. Oh, and some pregnant ones too.

  18. Your out of control....in a good way.

  19. beth i adore your jumping pictures and i ABSOLUTELY adore that you take a picture of everybody and their brothers!!!
    you are SO awesome!

  20. i remember you said in an earlier post that people always laugh when they jump. you have made so many people happy, including us who get to see these laughing faces. so cool.


  21. Thoroughly loving the jumps! But boy it looks chilly down there! Where are all the bathing suits??

  22. I do love this. I can't wait till you make your blurb book.

  23. okay so i read just this one post and i'm totally smitten! i'm picturing you standing on some random and beautiful beach and like a virus, people watching others jumping and thinking, i want to do that.
    in fact, i'm jumping now.
    in my pajamas.
    in my dining room.
    on this snow day.


**I love reading the comments you leave, as they make me feel like we're sitting in my kitchen, having a cup of tea, discussing life and wondering where all the time has gone ...beth