January 20, 2011

i don't care what my parents say....

i was born on a beach. to a mermaid.

it's truly the one place
where i feel like myself
without any explanations
beach jumpers
i promise i'm working on your photos. please. keep watching for them. they're coming.
the louisville, kentucky
~totally amazing and funny family~
will be here tomorrow
thank you hilary
for once again choosing me for your post of the week.
i love that you love what i write and photograph
enough so
to share it with all of your readers.


  1. Great photographs and a well desreved honor, I love the sea and the beach too, the energy is just...........

  2. You are a generous soul to share your beach with friends and family - not only in your blog but in person too!

    Maybe your parents plucked you off the shore (like Moses in the bulrushes) and raised you as their own. Little did they know you'd discover the secret...

  3. I wouldn't mind a trip to that beach right about now. :)

  4. "once again". You are a lucky gal.


  5. Ahhh this post made me smile... I love the beach as well. You put what I feel in my heart to words with this post. So beautiful!

  6. The beach is that kind of place for me too, as you know.
    Your pictures are full of sunlit beauty.

  7. These are gorgeous! You've definitely inspired me to head for sand and surf this weekend :)

  8. Wonderful and beautiful, Beth. That first image does indeed look like a mermaid's tail.. with shell tip and its shadow combined. Thanks for the kind mention. :)

  9. Gorgeous photos...yes I think you are a mermaid. :)

  10. Ahhhh...so good to know your beach, Mermaid Beth. I feel the same way about my rocky beach up north - I only wish I could visit it all year round. Thanks for sharing your beautiful white one with me !

  11. Aahhhh my mind was there today - don't believe me - see my post today ;)

  12. Hilary is the best and she chose well this week.

  13. thank you for these warm
    splashes of beachy goodness.
    Breathing a little slower
    and deeper......

  14. I love all these photos...that third one though, perfect. I feel that way about the Adirondack mountains, I am truly at home there.
    Isn't it wonderful to know where that place is and be able to spend time there? So glad you are in your place.

  15. This reminds me of one of my all-time favorite children's books... Donnatalee (I may have misspelled the name.) In the book, a little girl from the Bronx goes to the beach and imagines that she is a mermaid. I absolutely love that book, and I LOVE your post.

  16. i want a cottage by the sea, with rocks surrounding so i can hear the waves crashing deep into the night. i want a cottage by the sea so i can count the stars like diamonds as i dream about weaving them into a sparkly necklace for friends like you.

    you are so beautiful.

  17. The beach is so refreshing!!! and it makes my hair curly. :)

  18. Great photos, but that first one is just stunning. The beach would be where my heart is too.

  19. fantastic pics and i get ya born on the beach where else is there really

  20. The beach is my soul home. Doesn't have to be the ocean, it can be a lake. As long as it's big enough to be a beach, I'm a happy girl!

  21. love those beach shots. sands, shells, a breeze...perfect.

  22. =) I wanted so bad to be a mermaid when I was little. I loved to swim, and would even tie my ankles together with string so that I had to swim with my legs together like a tail. Oddly, though, I was never in love with the beach--it was the mountains...

  23. I love your message in the sand.


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