January 10, 2010

waves with hardly any depth...

thought I'd share
sunday morning thoughts
that came in like waves
the static electricity in this house
has currents strong enough to restart my heart
if need be
the jail inmate/dog program in our area makes me smile
as I truly believe that these inmates probably didn't feel worthy
"on the outside"
to begin with
that just maybe
the responsibility they have for training these dogs
deemed unruly
being recognized for all their hard work
"on the inside"
will make them feel worthy enough to be one of us
when they are
"on the outside"
they were rating video games this morning on a news channel
said the second versions of some that are coming out are better than the first
they involve even more blood
~I choked a bit on my tea over this one~
the temperature here is
minus zero
I'm wondering
is there a minus zero and if there is
is it really necessary since I think
pretty much says it all
for 8 months now
I've had a mac
I just figured out last week that when I'm looking for something on my
everything is in alphabetical order
~go figure~
last but not least
at all
on the back of my athleta catalog
it says that in
"one who does"
I think kurva should have been my word for the year


  1. change it! that's a great word!

  2. I am all for the inmate/ dog rehabilitation programs! They need to be implicated everywhere. For both the dogs and the inmates! :)

  3. kurva - sounds great!

    and minus zero? what the heck is that?!

    stay warm :)

  4. oh i love the word kurva. how inspiration. i my paint that on my walls.

  5. Change it. You were meant to find it. And does it ever describe you. Hey! We could put that on back of that tshirt you mentioned on my blog. Thanks for your comment; you are too damned sweet and I thank God I 'found' you!

  6. I like kurva...excellent!! And excellent image of the surfer surfing the shallow waves!!

  7. what a clever programme, the inmate/dog training... can only be beneficial both ways. as for the games, i asked this guy if this game was violent and he said 'no, it's a cartoon game in black and white, only the blood is red'????????????

  8. I too like the word, kurva!! You can change your word...why the heck not?? It is your word after all so change it. LOL!!
    Love the pic
    And the dog program sounds wonderful. They have a horse program here and I think it makes all the difference too!

  9. zero is zero i thought. maybe perhaps it is not as absolute as i thought.

    stay warm and boil some water on the stove so you can put moisture back in the air. dry air causes the static electricity....so i'm told.

  10. Love it! I agree that should be the word of the year! Happy New Year!

  11. The inmate/dog program sounds wonderful. You can't be around dogs for long without feeling love and loved.

    and I think kurva is a perfect word.... especially since I'm very unkurva right now.

  12. You just answered my prayer... can I borrow your word????... I will have to investigate more... I have that catalog too...
    I have a list of thoughts for picking my word, but cannot find the word... my thoughts all involve... doing... not procratinating... getting things done quickly and more efficiently (like getting up from the computer and changing the laundry when I hear the buzzer)... thinking of an act of service, then actually getting up to do it. I have not been able to find a word. This really could be a cool word... so since you seem to be my inspiration on so many levels these days it actually does not surprise me that you would write a post about a perfect word. Can I borrow... can you continue to inspire me??? Please. And I love this picture. Especially sine the beach is really my favorite place on the planet! (Any water really)
    Happy Sunday and thoughts!

  13. Minus zero? What the heck?

    That picture is really cool though - great action capture.

  14. You have great kurvas, so I say you already own it!

  15. I chose discovery for my word of the year but the past few days I've been thinking it wasn't the right word. I like Kurva. That says it all.

  16. kurva.
    perfect for me this year, too.

  17. those minuses... we are sitting at minus 18 at the minute and all the water pipes are frozen...

    this makes general every day doings quite hard... you know what i mean ; )

  18. More blood! Yikes.

    fortunately for me those games are not a part of my immediate life.
    i wonder why we have to have them at all.

    keep warm as i'm trying to keep cool in this corner of the globe.

    best wishes

  19. such a wonderful word...remember you can always change it. stay warm in this really cold weather. i am in indiana...brr....

  20. I love my Mac (after always having had a PC) but it took a long time to figure it out. I finally signed up for the one-to-one classes at the Apple Store and figured out how to really use it.

    Have a great week.

  21. Beth, that is definately your word. I saw a documentary about the dogs/inmates program not sure from where. I think it is very beneficial to both. How can it not be. love your outlook. Take care my friend.

  22. Yep we're feeling the static too, my 5 year olds lovely curls were pretty much strait this morning!!!! boo.

  23. I will quit complaining about the cold snap down South! minus zero brrr...I can't even imagine!

    great word by the way :)

  24. Kurva is a very good word.
    Your mind jumps around like mine some days. It can wear us out with thinking. Inmates training dogs is a very good thing too.

  25. kurva.... I like that too.
    And for Christmas we bought the The Missing Manual to help us figure our mac out. Getting there.

  26. well go ahead I say... change your word... it sought you out when you didn't know you were supposed to pick it first :) And its such a unique word so I say claim it!

  27. i love the athleta catalog

  28. 'Tis a woman's prerogative to change her mind AND her word! KURVA is shall be.

    It would make a great name for a favored pet as well.

  29. perfect word for you! who says you can't have two words?
    hope you are keeping warm!!! xoxoxox

  30. The alphabetization...

    I have moments like that too.

    I think it's because we are space cowgirls, Beth...

    I just have a feeling about us.

  31. Great list of thoughts Beth!
    I have a Mac too and I didn't
    even realize that the desktop
    had everything alphabetized.

    Kurva... who says you still
    can't change your word?


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