January 31, 2010

and don't get me started on bras...

frozen dog poop
in the front yard
is just as icky as non-frozen dog poop
when it comes to cleaning it up
the paper shredder in the office
will not shred
a forgotten metal rabies tag taped to the vet's receipt
instead will make a god awful noise
then make you spend a half hour with needle nose pliers
trying to pull out the mangled mess
no matter how much hair conditioner you use in the winter time
your hair will still be dry
if you use too much
you look like lady ga ga getting ready for a performance
which isn't too terrible I guess
if you're staying inside all day where nobody can see you
~and honestly I happen to love lady ga ga~
potato soup
that boils over onto your stove top
can be used in place of
elmer's glue
~yucky starch~
grocery shopping
can be fun
if you use really cute re-useable bags
hang out with the interesting people at
whole foods
the fabulous tasting
de-tox tea
I've been living on
probably isn't doing anything for me
since I tend to eat cookies and chocolate
while I'm drinking it
how's your weekend going


  1. Dry cleaners...check
    Gas into truck at Costco....check
    Home Depot....check...note: shopping here is fun even without cute bags!
    Hobby Lobby...check...note: Easter display is already up?? WTH?
    Triangle Grocery...check...note: parking lot like a skating rink! Fun! Not!


  2. Cold and snowy here....made bagels this morning, going to start my soup for dinner. Still in PJ's it's 1:30! Voice hurts from yelling at the tennis match on TV. Back hurts from playing Wii. Pretty good Sunday so far....hope you have a relaxing one as well.

  3. "the metal rabies tag"...what a hoot, but I bet it made some wonderful groans! :-)

  4. An afternoon and evening with a Blogfriend (BodhiChicklet - Two kims are even better than One !) on Friday - sweet and cozy in spite of frigid, frigid, Montreal weather.
    Night and morning with my mom, pajamas, coffee, life talk...good for the soul to be the daughter close up for a while...
    Lunch with Mom and then drive, drive, drive...
    Uneventful, weather-free though FRIGID temps for the drive - good enough for me...

    HOME - my man, my bed, my animals, my laptop, my high speed, ...

    Sun AM - Playing blog/email catch up in my sunbeamed studio with kitty cats chasing rainbows all around me...

    Life is good.
    Love to you, beautiful Beth !

  5. Sometimes life boils over just like the sticky mess that ended up on your stove, doesn't it?
    Cleaning yesterday, snowed afterwards. Beautiful outside now!

  6. Darn, I really wanted to hear what you had to say about bras!!!!

    Cute post Beth.

  7. Ok, I'll get started on bras. They were invented as torture devices. If they don't ride up, they pinch, suffocate and/or make you want to be a Flatsie. It's cold here, mighty cold, although we have a small break for the next 24 hours when the expected high is minus eight. This last week of January has been challenging.

  8. Hilarious!!!!! and don't get me started on bras!!!!!!!

    My weekend is going pretty good; I am going through ephemera collected through the years for arting. Makes me think of you!

  9. You have a talent for turning a weekend of chores (dogwalking, foodshopping, cooking...) into a beautiful comedy of life...

    I did take a camera into a repair shop ...and ended up buying a new upgrade:)

  10. What's better than having needles poked in your eyes while having root canal without any meds?

  11. LOL...I think frozen dog poop is worse...cuz it melts into the snow after the "duty" and then if you don't pick it up it freezes there and then you need to get a shovel to get it out...and even then you can't get the whole thing. Yeah...used to happen to me a lot when I lived in Chicago and would let the dog out back on cold days and didn't feel like going to pick it up. OK...I hope I didn't ruin anyone's appetite with this comment :)

    BTW...I totally love Lady GaGa and can't wait to see what her and Sir Elton open with at the Grammy's tonight!

  12. LOL i'm about to embark on an errand and cleaning day so i feel your pain. on the other hand, i ran out of town yesterday and loved it.

  13. Spent yesterday sewing. Why does sewing a dolly dress take just as much time as a full sized one?

  14. LOVE this post! so very funny yet so very real of day to day life...

  15. HA! Seems we are on the same page here today. Yuck. But I'm gladd you've peered me up knowing I wasn't alone today....smile.

  16. One of THOSE days, eh? Well, this is a beautiful shot! Stay warm up there!

  17. you're so funny.
    i wasted most of yesterday driving to find snow with no luck - dumb. today i'm going to try to be productive - clean house and do laundry.

  18. Oh my gosh - you really summed it all up!
    My paper shredder never works.
    I will be happy today if I can get my ipod charged and changed out of my pajamas...
    On second thought, maybe I'll keep my pjs on.

  19. You made me smile and laugh. Such a wonderful series of calamaties!!!

  20. a merry heart is good in the midst of calamities ...

  21. Beth did you need to vent? Well don
    t get me going on the bra's oh and frozen dog poop in your yard when you don't even own a dog that one just makes the beast come out in me :)

  22. mine is certainly the merrier for spending a minute in your company.

    you always have me in giggles dear beth.

    as for the weekend. it has been lazy and that is just what i wanted and wished for.


  23. You even make frozen dog poop and boiled over potato soup funny.... Now that's a talent.

    For me... Hannah's last basketball game was yesterday, then she and I did a little shopping. I'm putting off lesson plans but have decided that doing them now, instead of at midnight, makes sense.

    Hope your week is a good one...

  24. Yesterday we played in the snow (after we drove 30 miles to find it).
    Then my daughter and I had a "girls day" and went to the coffee shop with our art journals to play. Visited the office supply store for new pens. Did a little grocery shopping and got a call from a friend to go to a show. So we did :)
    Today. Did a little cleaning (some glop on the stove here too). Debated between being productive or creative. Settled for being adventurous and I am currently simmering "boeuf bourguignon" because after watching Julie and Julia AGAIN I had to have it ;)
    Happy Sunday!!

  25. Yesterday, lunch with friends, spent money frivilously at the outlet mall, dinner with friends last night, endermologie and laziness today. Giving the dog a bath in a little bit and then will go the store and get something for dinner. Potato soup sounds good now that you mentionedd it.

  26. February starts tomorrow!

    Let's just say all of these hilarious and painful moments belong to January, and when February comes in, all will be well.!

    Really, let's go with it!

    Lady GaGa!


  27. I agree with you,

  28. I'm still laughing. A bit confused by the rabies tag though.

    Ever want to eat something quick and simple, like toast, and then having a crumby mess everywhere!

  29. Ha! Dog poop is why I don't have a dog :-)

    This time of year makes my hair full of static. half the time I look like I stuck my finger in the light socket.

    Hope your week is good.


  30. Accidentally dumped a whole pot of coffee over in the kitchen, hubby says,,,how did you do that, me,,,I don't know but I sure did not do it on purpose...it just slipped! other than that snowed in. you made me laugh with your story. I was going to tell you I can wear my bra as a hat on my head...if I had to. lol.

  31. Cookies and chocolate with your de-tox tea....now that's my kind of detox! lol! You are so hilarious. And poato soup is wicked stuff, isn't it?
    You make life's little frustrations worth laughing over. How I've missed you Beth.

  32. well it might have been better if I had a chance to pop over here and have a laugh ( at your expense, sorry:)


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