January 30, 2010

or what I would tell HIM, over and over again.....

my own words aren't making any sense today
the few that keep trying to escape through my chapped lips
tend to bruise my already tender heart
even when I whisper them
I'm just going to use these


  1. Beth, I watched this yesterday when I saw the link posted on Kind Over Matter.
    I was a puddle . A puddle.

    And I can only think of seasons, and unexpected joy in each at just the right time.


  2. Love sent to you today! This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing it. I recognized a couple pictures in it, but hadn't seen the whole thing put together.

  3. oh, oh, oh...the lump in my throat came before it was over. thank you for sharing. happy saturday to you, from one mom to another.

  4. even though i'm not a mother, i still got goosebumps.

  5. Oh Honey, what's wrong? My heart actually sputtered emotional tears when I listened to this. It says everything, doesn't it? Why doesn't it make us feel better, though? I've got your back, you know. I would do anything to help you feel better. Do you want to talk? xoxoxxoxo

  6. I am taking this and sending it to my niece who will be 13 tomorrow. An early birthday present. So wonderful.

    Take care. It will be okay.


  7. Oh how beautiful! I have to make something like that for my son.

  8. ..awesome...

  9. i've sen the video and enjoyed it yesterday...but really beth your words spoke to me so softly and with such an understanding today ...tender hearted that we are.. blessings to you mom of a teenager...elk

  10. Oh Beth~
    The video is beautiful and I had to watch it a few times b/c I was crying too hard. Whatever is going on- you have people who care about you and wish you well

    Big Hugs~


  11. This was beautiful, and I got a lump in my throat, even though I don't have kids.

  12. I first saw this at Shutter sisters...have fowarded it to my two adult girls...Beautiful...

  13. I only wish I would have been able to witness this wonderful video when my son was younger and I was working from home and feeling isolated. This would have been the validation I needed. Today, I am thanking you for sharing it with other moms everywhere and I am heading over to Facebook to post it for more to see.

    Thanks, Beth! It's incredibly lovely and true.

  14. I understand your words ... and bless you with peace

  15. I am a mom and a grandmom!!! I got goosebumps on my goosebumps!!
    Thanks hun!
    Hugging you

  16. This is just wow. I don't have children, but it brought me to tears.you have the best heart! it makes me think of the saying, as I grew older the smarter my parents seemed to become...it is just one day the kids grow up. With loving thoughts, some day soon! Take care.

  17. Absolutely awesome...:-) Hugs

  18. oh beth...sending you a big hug and lots of love and positive vibrations.


  19. Beth, I can't presume to put myself in your shoes just now, but I do have sons who have, at various times in their lives, been a cause for worry and hurt, so I feel for you.

    Just love him like you do. Love him and be steady with him.

    And the video was quite beautiful. Not maudlin or overly anything - just right. I've sent it on to others.

  20. Oh Beth I can't swallow anymore...somethings stuck in my troath. These words these images are making me feel just as it is.
    I'm sending over the most wonderful beautiful hugs I can find deep within to enlighten your day. Thank you so much for opening your soul and sharing this with us.

    The last words came on strong to me. I do matter! No matter what I do. I needed to see those words in order to get my photography all straigten out. I am who I am and I'm as good as it gets.
    Sweet kisses from my lips to yours Dagmar

  21. the photo's and words to this are magic...pure magic...

  22. I'm speechless - it's beautiful, it's perfect, it's precious...

  23. This was beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing.

  24. oooohhhhh.

    I had to change over from IE to Firefox so I could watch the videos you have posted (IE won't let me for some reason) and I am so glad I did. I cried as I watched Pink again...and shed a few more tears as I watched this beautiful piece on what it is to love your child.
    I am SO glad I came to visit you this morning, dear Beth. What a wonderful thing to be moved in this way so early in the day...what will the rest of the day hold???


**I love reading the comments you leave, as they make me feel like we're sitting in my kitchen, having a cup of tea, discussing life and wondering where all the time has gone ...beth