January 7, 2010

it makes me want to run away...

can I be brutally honest
without hurting any feelings
I hope I can
here goes
I've always been overly sensitive to smells and for some reason it seems
certain smells are even stronger to me in the winter time
the last two movies we have gone to see
~in sold out theaters~
I have had to sit behind women who must have forgotten they had already
sprayed perfume on themselves at home
decided to stop at the mall and take a quick swim in the perfume department
before buying their movie tickets
just a week ago while flying home
I covered my nose with my scarf
~almost the entire flight~
just to keep the cologne
that the man in front of me was wearing
from burning my nasal passages
am I the only one sensitive to perfumes or sprays
feeling like my space is being intruded upon if I can smell you
thinking that soap is the best thing anybody can ever wear
don't get me wrong
I think perfume and cologne can be a wonderful thing
if you spray it
on your skin
your clothing
instead of wearing it as your last layer
before you head out the door
so I'm just saying
for me
the smell of a warm bath and soap
anywhere on a body
is just scrumptious
as far as I know
it's never been known to make anyone's eyes tear up or their throats swell
send people looking for a new seat
I'd rather sit next to someone who smells of sweat
from a hard day at work
then someone who smells like all the perfume samples
that the avon lady left behind
when she dropped off the newest catalog
like I said
I'm just saying


  1. Don't feel bad. I think many people share your feelings. I used to have a friend in college and I loved it when she washed her hair. For some reason, her hair kept the fragrance of her shampoo all day long. It smelled so natural and clean. Same thing with Gain detergent (Island Fresh). I love it! Much nicer than smelling someone's personal cologne that is overwhelming, especially when it doesn't agree with you.

  2. I remember going to dinner at a really nice restaurant and a woman came and sat next to our table. Her perfume was so strong that I could not taste my food anymore. Seriously! I was so awful. Thankfully that has not happened since...but it amazed me that such a strong smell could wipe out my taste buds!

    Yah...I am all for soap...

  3. fresh air and sunshine is hard to beat ...

  4. So true. The smell of overpowering perfume gives me an instant headache and the urge to be sick. And yes, I am offended when someone else is so drenched in the stuff that nothing else can be smelled.

    On a related note, when I was pregnant, I couldn't stand the smell of my husband. I even got him a dental appointment, even though he had recently had one, because I thought he had a physical problem that was causing such bad body odor and halitosis.

    Ends up I was the one with the physical condition!

  5. I'm with you. One of the bosses (male) in the office where I work wears so much cologne I have to cover my face when he walks by and/or get up and take a walk until the air clears. I think our over-sensitivity to scents are counter balanced by those under sensitive so that they wear too much. It's a tough thing to live with as it often brings on headaches and nausea. Yes to soap!

  6. oh yes! One of THE most intrusive things is the bad smell too much perfume -

    How do people not know that they have gone too far in scent department? I mean if we can be knocked out by it, what's going on under their nose!

  7. I'm so glad you voiced your opinion...I couldn't agree more.

    Yes, I'm one of those people that can't tolerate any type of strong scent or air fresheners.

    I am super sensitive to perfumes of any type, so I totally understand what you are expressing.

    I just wish people in general would be more considerate of others.

  8. I agree with you. I spray perfume very lightly into the air (up high) and walk through it because perfume should only be a hint of a smell. More than that kind of defeats the purpose.

    Heehee... When you first started to talk about smells I was looking at the little boy and wondering if you meant diapers. :)

  9. Nothing gets between me and my Downey detergent... nothing ;-)

  10. ug! I hate that. The sweat thing though is bad too. Just yesterday at the gym this REALLY sweaty guy decided to do crunches in front of me while I biked. I seriously could not breathe, I started gagging and had to move. I'm really sensitive to smells too.

  11. This is a very, very ticklish subject. When I was a boss, I one time had to talk with one of my employees about this issue. It was difficult and uncomfortable for both of us.

    I wear a fragrance that I've worn for years. I change off from time to time, but this one is the one people associate with me. I wear it because I don't get tired of it and it always gets compliments.

    But, you have to be close to me to smell it.

    One time, I was at a gas station and when I walked passed a guy pumping his gas, he said, "Excuse me, please don't think I'm being forward, but could you tell me the name of your perfume?"

    I blurted out, "Sure, but if you can smell me over the smell of gas, then I need to go home and shower because it's way too strong!" He responded, No, please don't do that...it was only when you brushed past me, and honestly, I've smelled it twice before and really love it but never had the courage to ask."

    So, I told him.

    Here's the thing...if I ever wear too much of anything, or don't look good in something, I hope someone who loves me and cares about me will do the loving thing and tell me. And, I hope I have the open courage to listen and take the critique as it was meant.

    I still wear Amarige...and Michael just renewed it for a Christmas gift because he loves it on me.

    I happen to love perfume...but the flowery, powdery kinds? Oh, my, they make me react the same way you described. So I guess it is a matter of to each his own.

    Last thought...if I know I am going to be in a closed environment like a plane, I never spray myself that day. For all the reasons you stated.

    So smell you!

  12. Yep! I can agree there! The other thing that makes me nuts at a theater is to hear people crunching popcorn, shaking the ice in their sodas, and crinkling paper from candy...makes me want to leave and wait for the DVD to come out! So...I try to choose the daytime shows that are far less crowded. By the way...that little guy is just adorable. I love the little hat.

  13. I am in total agreement with you! I happen to be allergic to perfume...eyes start to water, get all stuffy and the the itching begins. It usually takes about an hour for it to begin. I wouldn't be able to sit through a whole movie!

  14. with my asthma I have to be really careful around perfumes - it can really send me into a serious wheeze...even those scented garbage can liners. ick

    i love the smell of soap too

  15. One of the sexiest things my husband ever said to me when we first started dating was that he likes the way I smell and I should never cover it up. I'm all the perfume he needs! Hot.

  16. Oh, boy! One of my pedestals ... too much perfume!!! I just don't understand people. We are spending a great deal of time around the hospital and I can't get over folks (women especially) wearing enough perfume to start their own factory. Smells like that, around sick folks, make them sicker; asthma attacks; -- gracious.... how hard is it to think about someone else rather than how *good* one smells????!!!!!! Ack!

  17. I have always been sensitive to smells as well. It took me a few years to realize it was the synthetic scents that gave me headaches. Now I use essential oils. If I walk into a room with one of those plug-in smelly things I want to be sick. Over kill on perfume makes me sick to my stomach. I agree with you. Natural and clean scents (from soap) are the only way to go!!

  18. i get serious headaches when people even put on the first splash of perfume...or when walking through the perfume section at the department stores or when there are vanilla candles. so i totally agree. wash your body. wash your hair. smell clean. and that's really all you need.

  19. Oh..FYI..the chemicals in synthetic fragrances actually kill your sense of smell. All those people drowning themselves in perfume don't smell themselves because they can't anymore!! They just keep adding it on. Crazy!

  20. It's worse when you sit behind someone in church and you are trying to sing.....

    Stopped by the say Happy New Year
    Love the picture....

    Wishing you the best in 2010,

  21. My DIL, my granddaughter and myself are sensitive to strong perfumery smells. We have asthma and it really bothers us physically. I do wear perfume everyday..but I don't swim in it. Just lightly is best!

  22. It gives me a headache!... I only wear lightly sented lotions... don't even own perfume/cologne/toilet water.. whatever.. you're not alone.

  23. i am allergic to perfume...spray it and i can't stop sneezing.

  24. I love perfume but I respect that some people don't. I have a friend that cannot even tolerate flowers in her home, if they have a scent.
    I am the beneficiary if she gets a bouquet! I will never splash a scent on heavily, though, just the tiniest of dabs - and I don't wear it to work or to my doctor's appts or when flying.

  25. I LOVE Your PhotoGraph today(as usual, I need to add). The post makes me think that a pleasant smell is a personal perception.
    I think everyone who wears scent thinks theirs is "not offensive". I have yet to come across anyone who intentionally has gone to the perfume counter and requested the most obnoxious perfume available and spritzed the air above them and walked through it. By the way, I agree, it is horrible, but my scent is lovely, I promise. :O)

  26. I'm not sensitive like you are but know so many people who are. Difficult on flights, I'd imagine.

  27. I am so with you on this one. I don't wear perfume or use heavily scented soaps, shampoos or lotions. But I can sure tell when someone else does! Oy. I don't like it one bit.


  28. HA! I am so with you, except I deal with middle school boys spraying axe all day. It's terrible, but they are pretty dang cute and insecure.

    Maybe someday they'll learn.

    In the meantime, I'll continue my axe induced allergies. ugh.

  29. everything in moderation - something so many of us need to learn !

    some of my best smells...
    baby neck
    play doh
    clean sheets hung outside to dry in the summer
    clementine peal
    my husband's shoulder
    ocean salty breeze...

  30. Beth, This made me laugh so much. I totally agree with you, but didn't know anyone else felt this way. When my mother in law rides in my car I cover the seat with a blanket because if I don't it smells of Avon perfume for at least 2 months. I use to cry when I was a little girl and someone would try to put perfume on me. I love wonderful soaps, but forget the perfumes. Yuck!

  31. I agree. Although I like subtle scents on men and women, the overpowering kind is bad. You know like if you can taste it in your mouth when you get on an elevator with someone, then that's way too much.

  32. i totally agree!! i much prefer a wonderful clean soap smell.

  33. Do I completely understand! I am so sensitive to perfume smells, especially after I had my boys. I just can't take any perfume smells! Natural essential oil smells on the other hand I love! What a bummer you had to sit through that at the movies! Horrible! So glad you posted this, people need to be aware! Love the pic by the way!

  34. amen!!!

    Im just saying!

  35. I so agree. YEA.. We are not alone.

  36. Even worse is when a man over-indulges with cologne... I had a brother-in-law who did this for years and I often wonder who finally said something to him because he has stopped....I couldn't stand riding in the same car with him...

  37. i'm with you... perfume should be a subtle whisper. not a scream that leave you reeling.

  38. At first I thought you were going to tell us you don't like the smell of babies bottoms.

    I agree too much perfume can be a bad thing but probably better then having the smell of somebodies BO for an entire movie.

  39. I agree absolutely! Soap is perfect, and most perfumes/colognes are awfully artificial, although Chanel No. 5 is one I don't mind coming across. Wearing a lot of scent is like having too much make-up on. Why disguise oneself like that?

    Very clever date pictures, Beth.

  40. I have a very sensitive nose too..I totally understand what you are saying..when the smells are overpowering..I can't enjoy anything else around me!! Epecially smells I don't like!! Wonderful gently offered post!
    Namaste, Sarah

  41. I couldn't agree with you MORE! With my asthma, certain smells just kick me into high gear -- and it's awful. Even if I didn't have that, I'd still hate it!

  42. I couldn't agree with you MORE! With my asthma, certain smells just kick me into high gear -- and it's awful. Even if I didn't have that, I'd still hate it!

  43. i hear ya! i had to sit behind a lady on a flight who poured RED DOOR on her whole body and clothing... i was about to pass out it was so strong...
    i am SO sensitive to smells, too... good and bad, i can't stand strong unnatural smelling scents. body odor i can deal with, but not axe and all that other thick smelling stuff... what is it made from anyhow and why do people want to smell like that?
    that baby is so sweet.... sigh

  44. My father always used to say that if someone could smell you and wasn't hugging you, you were wearing WAY TOO MUCH perfume. He was nearly militant about it and man, did it ever get through. I would be horrified if someone I wasn't hugging could smell me.

    I know what you mean, too, because those strong perfumy scent always make me sneeze. Poison, etc.

    I will say, though, that I don't think people are necessarily being rude or inconsiderate when they pour on the perfume. One, if you aren't sensitive yourself, and no one has ever told you kindly, you might not realize other people are choking on what is, to you, lovely. Also, when you wear the same scent for a long time, I find you stop smelling it on yourself. I think that's why so many people smell like they bathed in it.

  45. i completely agree with you!

  46. Thank you! I thought I was the only one who goes into the grocery store and covers up my nose because somebody put too much perfume on. I will leave a small store if somebody in there has to much on. I agree with you 100%,I'll stick to my lightly scented soap and alittle baby powder!

  47. Oh yea so true. I totaly agree...that's why I love the smell of young new born babies.....they are pure and smell heavenly.

    So this picture says it all. It is as always beautiful.

  48. we are on board with ya! We have left restaurants, moved airplane seats, and actually began to cough when a woman refused to open her window for us in a Airport Shuttle. It is the rudest, invasive, awful behavior in the world to not allow us to breathe fresh air. We even have a policy at the B&B asking our guests to respect others and alergies and sensitivity...so we are with ya Beth!!

  49. goodness gracious look at all the comments!!! I am the same and winter does accentuate smells for some reason, probably the density or lack of, in the air???? just guessing.
    My particular fave to loath is Eternity... i will happily chop off the head of anyone wearing that stench.

  50. See, I don't do perfume, Beth. I have a three quarters full bottle of Happy from about five years ago. I do soap, and a mild soap at that. See, I watched this episode of something, probably Oprah, or I read something, probably Body & Soul, that told me about all those toxic chemicals in perfumes and perfumed body soap. So now I just use Doctor Bronner's or plain Ivory soap. And, if I want to smell really good. I will put just a tad, tiny little bit of vanilla lotion on my hands and rub my forearms and neck area with them...

    You will have to sniff me, to actually smell me, Beth. Which is okay. We're cool like that now, right?

  51. That is a great post! I am bothered often by smells - but when I'm pregnant it seems to be turned up even more. I wonder why that is - and why you are. Why some people are and some aren't.


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