August 3, 2009

seriously, how lucky can I get....

I spent my morning yesterday
on another senior photo shoot
she came to me from a town 45 minutes south of here
where obviously they raise dolls

all natural laugh

she was so nervous and scared and with little self confidence
telling me immediately that she takes awful photos
has never liked one photo of herself

senior photo and beautiful enough to be an international model

I told her she was beautiful
that the above photo I could submit to a magazine

the temperature was fabulous
the wind was a nightmare
we fought it the entire two hours we were outside
I took her to places that were
buggy and stinky and dirty
she questioned each place we stopped
which me giggle inside
on this bike trail we just about got killed by a biker going way too fast
who told me next time I'm there I better have a sign warning those coming around the bend
~damn~she was right~
sometimes the round walls covering up where the garbage dumpsters hide
make for an interesting shot but still don't keep out the twirling winds
sunday mornings are a great time to shoot since the public places
didn't have any people in them yet
I'm more of a rustic photographer
but these hostas screamed at me
"give us a chance"
so I did
the backdrop for here and the truck above is from an old grain mill
did it stink and was it gross and were there flies everywhere
but hey
sometimes you do what you got to do
this doll is just too beautiful to not smile
but I always like to have a few serious photos
she said "I can't do this, I look angry and mean"
I told her to smile with her eyes
I think she pulled it off
our last place of the day was a dumpy old car lot
where she was scared thinking that someone would ask us to leave
I told her I trespass all the time
when she saw the "no trespassing" sign
I asked her if she wanted to be a rebel like me and she smiled and walked over to this box
right when she sat down on it
it cracked and broke a little right from underneath her
fortunately I caught the look in her eyes and a very real surprised smile
right before she fell a little bit
~she didn't get hurt you silly ones that are thinking that~
when we left
I think she was finally trusting me
remember you can click on the smaller photos if you want to see them better


  1. Stunning. I especially love the photo where she has her arms folded. You have a great eye for composition Beth!

  2. You, your personality, your supportive nature, your intrepid spirit, are exactly what these young ones need in order to have the truth of them captured for an image.

    I bet you collect the most lightening bugs in your jar, too, dontcha?

  3. Beth, I love the rustic scenes, you would be so much fun for them, you can just tell. They all turned out beautiful. I don't think it is luck, you got something going on girl!

  4. What a beautiful girl and kudos to YOU for capturing it so very well. I love the grunge pictures- the textures are great! I think you have found your niche- your personality is just what that age needs!

  5. Hey ! Not only are you giving her the gift of some fantastic shots of her self, but also the gift of liking herself more and trusting in her own beauty ! Now that is one cool job you have there, Beth ! ;)

  6. She has the prettiest warmest smile! Using the old truck was a wonderful background and the cement wall with the millions of stones as well. But I do like the portrait of her face when she isn't smiling the best somehow. She has lovely eyes and you captured a lot of youthful innocence right there in that shot.

  7. looks like a fun shoot good for you.

  8. beth, she is stunningly beautiful! my fav is the no trespassing sign...she will always remember you and this time spent with her! and you might have given her the courage to take some risks...xo

  9. These are unbelievably awesome! Love how you took her to new places! Perfect! (This is Jeanie Gypsy but I'm not logged on, so I guess I'm anonymous for now! Having a good time on holiday -- sort of, Rick's trade show -- and will have to catch up on the rest later!)

  10. Great photos! It looks like she was having a ball!

  11. Oh she is a doll! But I bet you make it easy to be the subject of a photographer, just a feeling I have.

  12. you got some fantastic shots in there!! she is suh a cutie!

  13. I love your photographs you are very talented! She has a beautiful smile.


  14. You take the greatest photos! I meant to comment on those other beautiful senior photos you posted too. I love how they do not look like the typical senior photo shoot! You're amazing!

  15. If only we were closer I would have you take my baby's senior pics. I'm taking her out to get some really cool images rather than just the boring cap n'gown and drape. You would have been perfect to set her at ease, and you take pictures like a dream.

    This girl is absolutely beautiful, and I'm so happy she trusted you with her images.



  16. Cool beans, Beth!! THAT is how a senior pic should look. I dislike the fake silly ones I see too often here. I bet she doesn't issue the 'never liked' statement again after seeing these!

    Rock on!!

  17. love the round walls! way cool.

  18. I love the last picture...she looks gorgeous in every one of them. It is hard for these kids to get up in front of a camera and "pretend" to be natural. You do a great job of relaxing them and making the real smiles come out!

  19. I am absolutely certain you changed that "no good pictures of me" thing. Forever. WOW!!!

  20. These are so great! She is going to be thrilled! And yes, she is a doll!
    How fun, I am longing to photograph a girl, probably because I am surrounded by boys all of the time. I love the rustic backdrops!

  21. Two words-- KNOCK OUT!!!! She is stunning and could be in any magazine on the market today! You did a fabulous job!

  22. OMG, her eyes, her eyes!
    Your use of the rustic and aged just blow me away! You could go crazy here in my neck of the woods! We have people stopping to take pictures on the railroad tracks at the end of our driveway, all the time. The old Shaker Village down the road is just waiting to take you back in time. If you ever get the urge to photograph Kentucky, this is a good starting place! Come on down, girl!

  23. You've outdone yourself again Beth. And you're right she is beautiful. If only she'd believed it herself. But I'll guess if she sees this photo's she change her feelings positively.

  24. beth, this is your specialty. these are beautiful. what a pretty girl she is, too. she must be so pleased with how these all turned out.

  25. I love the lines in the second shot! Hands down, my favorite!

  26. She is beautiful and I think you gave her the confidence to know that!


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