August 18, 2009

the middle place...


I'm the middle child
a leo
one of three girls
who tends to see grey
instead of black and white
I believe in love
no matter where it comes from
why do we need titles
we're all the same
I grew up going to church
but I don't attend one now regularly
I believe in a god that might not be the same as your god
but I believe all of our prayers are heard
beautiful skin color
fascinates me with my own jealousy
along with perfectly slanted eyes or an afro or an accent that forces me to concentrate on your lips when you speak
I like life
outside the box
where I can make new footprints instead of walking in those that belong to others
children and babies
stop me in my tracks
as I always need a second look at the innocence and beauty only they possess
a field of wild flowers
can take my breath away
along with a whisper in my ear or a warm hand on my back
half of my summer clothes haven't been worn this summer
but the rest of them have truly been lived in and if you wanted my favorite shirt
I'd give it to you
I get up every morning with the attitude that today will not be wasted or forgotten or ruined by little things that need to be ignored or filled with ugly words or thoughts that make me think staying in bed would have been a better option
I hug
here in my middle place


  1. Your writing and illustration with the clothespins are fascinating and!

  2. beth, you are a beautiful human being. i too am a middle child; one of three girls. i have a strong belief in god, although people who dont know me well may think that i am not particularly religious - i believe faith is a personal thing and not one to be flaunted. my skin in brown and english not being my native language is spoken with an accent - which i wish i can get rid of. like you, i too can give away clothes and other material things in an instant.

  3. Beth this is really a lovely read today. But, that's why I love coming here.

    To Kamana: Please don't wish for your English to be spoken without your accent. It is what makes you, you to us. With your brown skin and all the other parts of you, it is what makes you the only Kamana that there is. And, she's a wonder, just as we all are.

  4. this is beautiful, my friend. and i am so honored to know some of these things about you, through friendship. ; )

  5. beautiful, beautiful shot beth!!!

  6. With your words and images, you have such a beautiful way of welcoming people to your soul. And what a wonderful soul it is.

  7. THIS is the kind of empathetic embrace of humanity in all our diversity, originality, uniqueness, specialness, FABULOUSNESS that needs to be distilled into a vaccine and given as free dosages on street corners worldwide. Welcoming differences with such a poetic soul-filled heart and eye is the necessary beginning antidote to racism, discrimination, cultural division ... [Kamana, I'm 100% in agreement with Holly: accents are SPECTACULAR. And when I was in England I loved that I (ME) was the one considered having the accent!!!]

  8. Reading this has given me a really fresh outlook on 'life' this morning. It's lovely, so simple, so vivid.

    Thank you.

  9. This middle place is a lovely place, no wonder a beautiful heart such as your resides there...



  10. This is a sweet, loving post, Beth. So wonderful to see the inner you in this word for that we out here may know you. :o)

  11. Hugs to you, Lovey. And if you'd give me some feedback on my post today, I'd be ever so grateful.

  12. Visiting your blog daily is like taking in a deep breath of fresh cleansing air!

  13. Beth you are a beautiful soul. I am the middle of 3 girls, have always lived outside the box, I am happy in my middle world too. To Kamana, to me there is nothing sexier than an accent, plus it makes you you. Take care.

  14. and this is why i have come to appreciate you as much as i have.

    your photo would be hanging on a special wall in my home if it was a print that i could buy.

  15. This is a fabulous self-portrait, and all the things you include are all the reasons why I just wish you were my local friend as well as my online one!

  16. A good post to remember that it isn't what's on the outside, it's what comes from the it!

  17. Ahmmm...your middle place is so beautiful. I am so very very glad you share it so openly.
    Thanks for this moment, beautiful, beautiful beth.

  18. The clothespin picture is stunning. so is your writing. THANK YOU

  19. beautiful image and beautiful words..

    I'm the oldest...but dwell in the middle...


  20. I think the middle place is a beautiful place to be...

    Sometimes your posts take my breath away...and today was one of those days...

  21. I am near the top of the heap ... the 2nd of 7 but I feel so akin to your words that if that describes "the middle place" then I reside there too. Thank you for opening up and revealing yourself and putting this into words and bravely sending it out into this blogoshere. I can't imagine that there is a soul reading this that doesn't want to move in next door!

  22. Beautiful thoughts and feelings, beautifully expressed in words and image (as always!)

  23. oh..
    that would me me...
    catching my....

  24. Beth, you make me want to be a better person. I believe in a little self-improvement every day. My motto (one of them) is: Do Good, Feel Good. Got that from Gretchen at the Happiness Project. I'm also teaching it to my grandson, hopefully by example. Thanks for the lovely post.

  25. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, so very beautiful you are!
    if only you could teach everyone to be just like you, the world would be an even more amazing place...

    i am in pa.... home, not home... does that make any sense? it does. ;)

  26. beth, this photo is amazing. i have a huge collection of my own clothesline photos. it really gets me. and then your writing. oh I am typeless. nuff said

  27. eeek, this picture of yours is one of my favs! way to rock the DOF. your words really resonate with me. thanks for such a lovely post.

  28. I love that photo, love it!!!! REALLY!
    And I love getting to know more about you!
    Great post!
    Perfect picture with the words

  29. A lovely, introspective post that lets us see more of you. Beautiful shot of the clothes pegs. I'm going to go and jump for all the good things happening in my life right now. Thanks for reminding me.

  30. love the shallow depth of field...makes this shot so special

  31. another great capture. i love reading and learning more about you. your words are truly captivating.

  32. Hi Beth,

    Those pegs are timeless and the words are pretty good too!


**I love reading the comments you leave, as they make me feel like we're sitting in my kitchen, having a cup of tea, discussing life and wondering where all the time has gone ...beth