August 8, 2009

all I need is a chicken....or a duck

guess what movie I saw yesterday
even though
I'm rarely in the kitchen myself
of course
~julie and julia~
it was wonderful
happy weekend
"bon appetit"


  1. Oh, I love your kitchen! the tiles look like mermaid tails! Happy weekend to you too Beth!

  2. oooooooooo...i want to see that! i need someone to go with me though!

  3. Hello, you have the most beautiful blog here, I'm loving reading it and your pictures are just stunning... thank you so much !!!!

  4. Tonight is date night for me and the hubby. Usually when we do dinner and a movie, we take turns choosing the movie - chick flick or dick flick or something in between. Tonight is my pick !;) Julie and Julie it is ! Chick Flick, mostly I guess. He is such a patient guy, that hubby of mine !(Secretly, don't tell anyone, but I think he actually likes chick flicks...except maybe the hard core ones like Sex and the City or Mamma Mia - I actually love that about him too !;) )
    Your kitchen is gorgeous, by the way !!!! Bon appetit !

  5. I love your kitchen and the matching apron and potholders! That picture of you all happy in the kitchen is just too cute! I'm not much on "chick flicks", but I really would like to see this movie. Who didn't love Julia Child?

  6. I am dying to see that movie -- what a FUN FUN premise! I've seen a few interviews with Meryl Streep talking about capturing the energy of Julia Child ... I love Meryl Streep anyway ... you got more kitchen pics coming my way? digging the potholders but crikey they're almost as big as YOU are! woot!

  7. ok, your kitchen looks like that and you're hardly ever there? madness, i say!!

  8. LOL I saw it last night too and loved it

  9. I want to see that film too :-) I'm trying to create more inspiration for cooking.

  10. that movie looks so good. i can't remember the last time i went to the theater to see a movie.

    but how cute do you look in the kitchen with all your kitchen attire? super cute! that's how cute. :)

    i've got much catching up to do here. i'll be scrolling through for hours. better take a bathroom break and refill my wine glass before i go any further. :)

    and then it's off to "my unmade life".

  11. this photo of you makes me smile... i love it.
    you are so much fun, the best kind of friend to have!


  12. It was a great movie. I could see it again.

  13. YOU are so looking the part! I saw the movie yesterday and loved it.... Although I've ventured into the kitchen this summer, French cuisine is a little too intimidating for me! I guess I'll have to stick with Paula Deen....

  14. Can't wait to see this movie! You look great!

  15. I can't wait to see this movie- it looks wonderful! Love the pics!


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