August 27, 2009


field of dreams
okay blog lovelies
~that I trust completely~
I need your help
I'm going to be working on a new photography website
with the help of my wonderful apple "kids" during my one to one visits
{yes "kids" as these geniuses are all way younger than I am}
I need a name for myself
~I think~
don't I
while standing around the blog water cooler on my breaks
I've noticed the concern about photo stealing
watermarking seems to be the best way to slap those nasty people
on the hands
did I mention I hate watermarking my photos
well I do
so anyhow here's where I need your help
sure I can do the normal and plain and uninspiring
"beth's photography"
on everything
all of you who have gotten to know me quite well this past year
can throw some ideas and names my way for me to play with
can't you
can you
now don't get too excited
but if someone comes up with an idea that I fall in love with and decide to use
there will be a prize
I'm not sure what it will be yet
obviously something to do with one of my photos
it will be a good one
I promise
so now don't go off and think too hard about this
~which is what I keep doing and there's only room for me on that think.too.hard.couch~
as off the cuff ideas are usually best
just start throwing
drop kicking
my way
let's see what lands where
now about this photo that I am over the moon about
it was taken with my macro lens while I was at the sunflower field
I have not touched it other than adding a ~gag~ watermark to it
I'm just so completely in love with it
~just thought you should know~


  1. First of all...YAY! This is so exciting.

    I wish I had some creative ideas for you...sometimes the best thing is just your first and last and a cute little graphic (I know, yawn). I will be sure to drop in on the comments to see how creative your other buddies are...

  2. Beth Lasrname Photography as seen through My Eyes.

    My World Photography by Beth lastname.

    Focus Photography by Beth lastname
    beth lastname Focus Photography

    Get in Line Photography by Beth lastname.

    Adventure Photography by Beth lastname. (because your always on some adventure)

    Take Your Shot Photography by Beth Lastname or Your Shot Photography by Beth Lastname

    beth lastname Time Photography or
    Time Photography by Beth lastname.

    Perfection Photography by Beth lastname or beth lastname Perfection Photography

    Picture perfect photography bt Beth lastname

    Beth lastnanme Professional Photography

    My View Photography by Beth lastname.

    Priceless Photography by Beth lastname

    Outa Sight Photography by Beth lastname.

    Simply The Best, photography by Beth lastname

    Beth I am still thinking, I may be way off base but ....there will be more. good luck, with all the creative will find the right name.Take care.

  3. It's just waaaaaaaaayyyy too early for me to think just yet.....but I'll let it simmer for the day...

    So glad you're doing a website thing..I was just a-wonderin' the other day, how come YOU aren't selling these beauties somewhere...

    *imagines humble abode festooned with beth-shots*

    LOVE the piccy...there's just something about your fences and grass-stuff combos...those little tidbits of the *country* that take me right back to my field-wandering, tractor-driving days....(no, I'm not making that up)..*sigh*


  4. First thing that came to my mind...

    Up in the Air Photography

  5. I'm going to give you a gift. No really, a gift. The first Hubby and I used to have a photography business. He was the shooter, and I was the binness side of things.

    We don't have that binness anymore and he's moved on to another profession. I named our business.

    I'd be delighted to have it live on through you if you like it.

    The name of your photography business is, "Eye of The Beholder."

  6. Oh beth, very happy for you! Can't wait to see it all set up! First thing that entered my mind: Snap Happy. There you go! Best of luck!

  7. This is just my first thought...but
    What's Out There Photography.

  8. i am so not good at this but i think the shorter the better. now that's a piece of free lame advice for you! this is exciting for you, best of luck.

  9. Quirky names are always fun but what ever you chose I think it has to be meaningful to you. You need to be comfortable with it and in needs to suite your style and personality. Then what ever the name it will ROCK!

  10. Very exciting, Beth! And I see many have been here with great ideas already... How about "The View from Here" Too long maybe... Short, memorable is ideal. Will be eager to see how this goes for you...Wishing you all the best with your new adventure! :o)

  11. "Eye Candy"
    "My Visions"
    "Love It But Leave It Please"

  12. Life Captured Photography

  13. eye of the beholder...that's a good one. i was thinking out of the ordinary

  14. Stunning photo!!
    I think your watermark should come from your blog title.


  15. I've never commented before...but the thought of a "prize" from Beth...well, enough said. Here's my isn't a caption - you'll have to rely on your blog friends for that - instead, it's a symbol...something to go with the caption that will be hanging above the door to your studio someday. Your signature!!! You have a very, very cool signature...and, I think it would make for a fantastic watermark. Hope I win!!!

  16. This is all very exciting! Hmmm, if I had to think of a photography name, the first that came to mind was TimeStop Photography, since you are capturing moments of time...



  17. Beth, I hope you don't mind that I added myself to your Followers list. I love what I've seen so far and your little movie when you picked up hubby for your bday weekend made me cry. By the way, I haven't seen all your pics yet but I'll add these to your list -'moments in time'
    'life captured'

  18. The website is an excellent idea. You're doing lots of good contract work now -- you should have one for that.

    Names. I'm so crappy with names. Headlines. Short, zingy things. And this is bad for a person in PR. But I'll keep thinking...

  19. I'm thinking the word 'Jump' ... with your initials ...

    this photo is bomb. I hate the watermark, I hate the need for it, but your photography has LONG been at the level where targeting by picture thieves was going to be an issue for you. Since ultimately I think you want to see your photography bloom into some sort of Beth Bidness, however that shapes up, protecting your work is necessary, period.

  20. I just read the suggestion by "Hubby" and now I'm voting for him to win!!!!

  21. I really like the idea from Nenslens: TAKEN by BETH
    Sort of leaves me breathless.

    In the right script (apparently your own handwriting is something worth considering?)it would be personal, attractive and a great watermark.

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  23. i'm really bad at names, so i'm no help there...but taking off from your blog..."be yourself photography"

    and that macro is da bizness. :-)


  24. I love your hubby's idea of using your signature as your watermark ~ I have seen that before and it gives the photos the look of a piece of Art, which indeed they are!

  25. I am going through the same thing with my photo website building. I am going between Wildflower Studio photography, and Shell Dransart Photography. A lot of people say it just sounds more personal and professional to use your name, so I am stuck.
    You seem like the kinda gal that definitely needs a fun biz name. What about Unmade Photo, or Quirky Pix, or I don't know, maybe that's too silly.
    Best of luck!

  26. Ok, I think that you are amazing. I am not a photographer, but know enough to TOTALLY love and appreciate what you do. I think you need a really cool name, b/c you are that good at what you do.
    I really don't have a lot of ideas,
    but how about instead of "point of view", how 'bout "point-of-Beth"
    ok, I don't know. I did not read all you comments, but I am sure there are lots of great ideas.
    This picture is THE BOMB!!!!!

  27. Hubby stole my thunder on the watermark, but it should be your signature. However, the name of your business is quite important. The sign over the door or what brides tell their friends when they get asked about portraits...

    Might I suggest you use lowercase? It seems to be your style. And simple is always best and easiest to remember.

    life unmade
    softened edges
    done by feel

    anyhow, best of luck where ever your heart takes you.

  28. I think you should call it Watermark. Seriously.

  29. Sorry, but no inspiration here! I'm just not that good with naming things like blogs and dogs....

    Lovely photo, by the way....

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  31. I was about to suggest 'Be Yourself Photography' but saw that it was taken.

    However, I will add this: it would be easy to crop that watermark out, if I took that photo, Beth. It needs to stretch all the way across the photo, I like the ones that are about a third of the way down, and a little see through. Like a gray, or a white, but faint.

    Can't wait to see what you come up with. Best of luck!!

  32. I was calling my studio Neverland it is where I was going to paint and never grow up! Unfortunately I am a grown up with four kids; and I started a job with this gallery! no more neverland; I know alot of people have used it but how about:
    Enduring Neverland
    would love you to use it! love your photographs!

  33. I don't know how I missed this post, I don't have anything pithy to add in the way of a watermark suggestion, just wanted to say, "you go girl!" and congratulations.

  34. I've been trying to find the list of ideas I came up with when I was trying to find mine (and ended up going with "be a photograph") ... but I cannot seem to find anything.

    Seems like you have many suggestions and I'm sure whatever you decide in the end will be *perfect and *fit you just right! Can't wait to see!

  35. This is what I was thinking, "Well, More Doors, of course."

    Then I read the comments. I have to tell you, Jump is pretty darn good. So you. So rich and varied in meaning. I do think that whatever you choose needs to short and catchy. Memorable. Definitely not too long.

  36. I thought about this all night.... If you're adding a watermark you want people to be able to find you, so whatever you name yourself, make sure you have a website with that name and include dot com on your watermark.

    And I really like Holly's

    Good luck.

  37. Hi there! I just popped over for the first time, from KT40's blog. I just wanted to say I love your photos and your outlook on life! And I agree with Katy -- you should definitely get some local establishment to do a Beth exhibition. I'm looking forward to visiting more often!

  38. i'm terrible at this kind of thing. :(

    i was lucky to come up with my names for my blogs. i know you will come up with something great, though! whether you think of it or someone else does.

    i sat here and tried to think of something, and i simply can not. but now you will have me thinking all night long. if something miraculously comes to me, i'll let you know! :)

    good luck.
    congrats on the web site.
    gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous photo!

  39. you know how long it took for me to come up with my name, and then it wasn't anything anyone really suggested. it has to be meaningful to you. so, sit down, right down your favorite things. describe your style to yourself.

    the right thing will come to you.

  40. i realllllly love nenslens suggestion of "TAKEN by BETH"!! it's brilliant. has a double meaning...the photo was taken...and the person is taken...awesome! haha. i couldn't come up with anything better, just wanted to toss my vote in. :)

    anyway. i love the photo. it's beautiful! good luck picking a name. :)

  41. Just B Photography ~ taken from your name and your already lovely blog title. (I've not read the other comments, so if I have just hijacked someone's idea, I do sincerely apologize and just please forget I was here - thank you.)

  42. I wish I had a name to offer up ~ but all I have is a congratulations. Your own photography buisness...yippe!! This is so exciting. I also love your new banner! You are truly talented.


**I love reading the comments you leave, as they make me feel like we're sitting in my kitchen, having a cup of tea, discussing life and wondering where all the time has gone ...beth