May 14, 2009

on the move...

I'm not going any place right now
our daughter and her boyfriend are moving out of their old, dark and dull third floor apartment 
into their new light and bright first floor, home sweet home
without the help of us and her younger brother and all of his beefy friends
they'd be ridiculously in trouble
I really can't do much to help them
since my shoulder is still being seen by a physical therapist
I did get the sheets washed and the bed made up
 so they have a place to sleep tonight
I did lots of pointing with the decorator's finger I think I was born with
 in regards to where all the furniture should go
I did find a new table and chairs for their kitchen at our neighborhood garage sale
for an amazingly small amount of money
when it was all said and done
I ordered some great pizzas from dominos 
to feed everyone
~side note~
when a child moves out and away 
don't let it be a sad time in your life
pride yourself on having done an amazing job raising them
to live independently
celebrate that with them
{so then when they call the gas company to set up a new account for their apartment that only has electric, you won't feel so bad}
~have you ordered from ?'s a blast building your pizzas online, adding what you want and watching the ingredients decorate the pizza crust of your choice...want a lighter amount of sauce or extra can do it....only want half the pizza covered in onions, you can do that, too~


  1. AnonymousMay 14, 2009

    My firstborn son will be moving out very soon, so I will soon know how you feel.

  2. I always order on line - I also like that I can track when it should be at the house too. very cool.

    hope their move keeps on going well.

  3. My mom did say the same, celebrate that you've done a great job. My parents made sure my wings were strong enough to fly is there expresion. I liked the last quote about the gas company...;-)

  4. AnonymousMay 15, 2009

    how wonderful for your kids to have such a cool mom! hope your shoulder is better soon.

  5. roots and wings--that's what we hope to give our kids. I am sure you have done a great job of helping them become whole people who will forge their futures.

  6. Beth, sorry about your shoulder. I am glad the move went well. They will appreciate just having the bed made after a long hard day. I am sure you did more than you say. Just being there for your daughter is wonderful....and a new house too. Take Care, cinner

  7. ~hard to do but that is what we raise them to!
    great advice beth

  8. Hi Beth,

    Just you make sure to rest that finger well! I hope they will be very happy in their new home. I've never ordered a Domino's pizza. Think how slimming it would be just to make up your dream topping online - and leave it there!

  9. I think it sounds like you are doing plenty! Hope the move goes well -- take care of yourself. After giving me a good report, my PT chastised me firmly for lifting, doing too much!

  10. My youngest's last day of high school is today, and I've been having some HI-low emotional Mom things the last 2 weeks ... maybe I just need to go build my own pizza!

    A new apartment -- what a blast! I'd like to decorate one of those again ... maybe I'll get to a dorm room soon, though!

  11. awwwwwww. adorable. what a shot! you have got to live in a gorgeous nature-packed place. your photos always reflect that.

  12. As somone whose kids are rapidly growing to that point, thank you for your words. What a great way to see it.

  13. you and that online pizza ordering...FREAK! lol...xo

  14. I never thought to order my pizza online!! And, we have a Dominos in our quaint little town!

    Dylan is only ten in a few weeks, but I have a feeling that the years will continue to fly. Before I know it, I will be writing this post.

    Congrats to your girl on her new home! May you fill it with laughter and love!

  15. The gas company part made me laugh out loud!
    Too funny.



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