May 12, 2009

it's simple...

I think maybe I've been blinding some of you with my photos
for years now I've been getting along just fine with my hp laptop
but these past 6 months or so 
I have been threatening to drop kick it to the curb for the garbage men to find
you name it 
I've had issues with it
although we've never been 100% sure what was wrong with it
so everyday I would say ugly words
then some
really bad four letter words
almost daily throw it my hubby's lap and whine
"help me please"
along with some of those bad words mixed in there
 "enough is enough"
we said this past weekend
I'm now the proud owner of a mac
there must be some lingo out there that I need to know 
as I don't know what to say
"I own a macbook"
"I'm on a mac"
"I'm now a mac user"
"once you go mac you never go back"
I'm sure all of you mac owners will set me straight on this one
kind of like how my kids try to make me
"a totally cool and hip mom"
when I do or say something wrong
the point to all of this is to let you know that I can now see my photos for what they really are
as the graphics and the colors on this mac are amazing
everything looks completely different
so if I did blind any of you in the past with my brightened and edited photos 
that looked fine on the old screen
but would now blind ME on my mac
I'm sorry
I've noticed that keeping my photos simple is now easily done
and there really isn't any reason to dress them all up
now that I can &#?)@>/* see them
those were my first bad words used with my mac
in a good way
seriously....any mac advice from any of you on anything mac related would be hugely appreciated


  1. your photos have always been just fine to me!

    but then, i have a really old, dull and fading monitor, so i guess i don't know. i worry about that, too. when i open an image in photoshop, it looks dull to me, so i try to pep it up with some photoshop "tricks". but maybe i am overdoing it too, since my monitor is just so not color accurate.

    i am so happy for you! MACs are the way to go. it's all i've ever used. i am hoping and praying i can get one soon, too.

    i left another on your last post about the shutter sisters post from today. you need to go check it out if you have not already.

  2. I vote for #4, not being cool myself. It reminds me that in the olden days (the early 80s) when virtually no one had a personal computer and "word processing equipment" from Wang was all the rage, my former husband had a gay assistant who had a pin-on badge proclaiming "My Wang Works Wonders!"
    How's that for advertising all of your glories?

  3. AnonymousMay 12, 2009

    i've never owned or even used a mac. i never realised that one was more hip than the other!!!

  4. I'm a MAC and I love it ... at this point I don't have the photoshop programs that would be really fun, though. Photoshop is where the big kids play!!! In the meanime, iPhoto does some good tweaking.

  5. Hi I'm also a very very proud 'owner' of A Mac.
    That is: he looks a little different than your, still changing, laughs a lot and is always a clown who has stolen my heart completely. He is my youngest son. He's named after a dear friend of my grandfather and his nickname was Mac. I loved that name and that friendship meant so much to my grandfather, that when our second son was born we desiced to give him the name Mac. I hope you'll find yourself a guidebook for your Mac, if you'll find one for mine please keep me informed ;-) But I do agree with you, I Adore my Mac. And I'll bet you will yours in your own kind of way.

  6. I've heard that all photographers love a mac....but I'm not sure if it's that different in processing. and dressing up is always good for the right occasions.

  7. I am so glad for you. If you can do any better than you have done then you will be amazing. I don't know the difference. I just have a mini computer, enough for me. I am probably not in the cool crowd. I have nieces and newphews coming this weekend. I am sure I will be informed. Have fun. Cinner

  8. awesome! i don't know nothin' bout birthin' no Macs, Scarlett, so I can't help ya, or with lingo ... but keep on blinding me, Beth, and keep on 'decorating' those shots, too, I love seeing what you do.

  9. Hey Beth, first of all, YAY! Welcome to the official computer for artists!!!! Really, I love mine, and for photos and organizing you will wonder what took you so long.

    On a separate note, and in a completely belated response to your sweet note about taking fun photos while we cook--the answer is YES. C'mon over. I'm midway between Zurich and Lucerne. :)

  10. Ah yes, me and my mac are in love. I lost my thesis on a pc and never ever went back. It's true what they say, once you go mac... Yes, honey! It is like having a child that does what you ask of him. : )

  11. AnonymousMay 12, 2009

    true - 'once you go mac, you never go back!' you couldn't pay me to go back to a pc now....seriously. :)

  12. Oooh! I'm not a Macker but I think I'd like to be. Your comment about keeping the photos straight reminds me of the recent commercials! I love those!

    Congratulations on your new family member -- I'm not sure how it could make your photos look any better than they are, but I know you'll have fun!

  13. AnonymousMay 12, 2009

    I've never used a Mac, but have only heard good things about them :-) Your photos have always looked great to me.

  14. I haven't used a Mac either, but they sure look cool to me.

    I would like to get in on that hype. What are the real differences? Do you have a laptop, or like a system?

    Just curious.

    Congrats on your new addition!

  15. Wow! Congrats on the new computer! I can't wait to see what you do with it!

  16. you're a mac!! i'm a mac too! on an impulse my husband bought one for me a couple years ago when we were in college and couldn't really afford it, but it was one of the best purchases ever! i will NEVER go back to a pc. macs are amazing. it might be frustrating to figure out at first (with the differences from a pc), but it will make you so happy once you have it just the way you want it! congrats on becoming a mac!

  17. Another beautiful image BETH!


  18. It's Mac-a-licious. Macadamia nuts will never be the same. I am the proud owner of a MacBook, iTouch iPod (no iPhone since mine is supplied by work) and am forever convinced that the PC can take a hike and we will survive just fine w/out him.

    If you're looking for any know where to find happy to send a little package your way to borrow for a few days and then send back (CS4 Photoshop, Lightroom, Photoshop Elements)... I got it all sister.

  19. will you still love me if I do not have a mac....wink! enjoy my friend

  20. Hi Beth,

    Lucky you! Can't help you with Mac but just you keep on blinding away. We love all your pics!

  21. Welcome to mac-ville. I just got an iPhone and I'm over the moon with it. Not for the phone but for all the applications. It's all Kathy's fault! Anyway, I'm wanting to be a better photographer too so here's to learning, growing and accepting change. xo

  22. I would give anything for a Mac. I keep telling myself that when this computer dies I will get one. But this computer is showing no signs of dying anytime soon, so I will just have to keep dreaming.

  23. That was funny as $%&^

  24. I love my mac, actually have 2 of them now and am whining for a phone hopefully when the new one comes out. So easy and intuitive. Sign up for the Apple One to One. I haven't done it (on my list) but friends say it totally rocks, you get one personal appt. per week at the Apple store to learn anything you want.


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