May 19, 2009

in, out and enjoying...

was I the only one
do all of us remember our mothers shouting
"either in or out for god's sake"
as we would constantly be running in and out of the house
the banging of the screen door obviously got on her nerves
hee hee
~love you mom~
well today feels like one of those days
as I have a list of things to do
that will keep me coming and going
*anthropologie is having a sale that starts today and I need absolutely nothing
but oh cripes, I just love to look in there
*2 loads of laundry need to be done or we'll all be pantiless
*whole foods is calling my name...actually screaming at the top of her lungs
*the sun is shining which means a walk around the pond
*I'm out of anything chocolate...gasp
*I need to make a hair appointment
*my glass bottles are empty and begging for fresh flowers
*ellen is on at 3pm
that's where I get my daily dose of dancing 
usually laugh until my face hurts
I hope your day is filled with sun, laughs,  chocolate, fresh flowers
 lots of door banging


  1. You have a Busy Day ahead of you .. you'll need some chocolate.

  2. oooh...chocolate and ellen....what can be better :)

  3. Can you imagine having the courage and wisdom of having painted that door orange! Beautiful. And, your day sounds beautiful as well. Me? I'll be attempting to breathe...wish me luck. I haven't been this sick in a long time!

  4. love Ellen and though we don't have a Whole Foods here, we have a Fresh Market that is pretty close. I'm still loving on the coral roses I bought last week.

  5. hahahahaha, oh YES I remember that, and our screen door had such a great WHOOSH-SLAP! sound. We also had a dutch door, so Mom slowed us down by opening up the top half and closing (sometimes locking) the bottom half.

    How in the world did you let all chocolate sources disappear from the premises? tsk tsk tsk ... but pantiless? i can live with that for a day or so (hee hee).

    have a great in/out day, Baby!

  6. i say drive up the road to target for chocolate and panties for the

  7. I know! Go dancing pantiless in your new Anthropologie skirt. Yup. Sounds like a plan.

  8. AnonymousMay 19, 2009

    I wish I had a day in front of me like sounds so fun! This Friday, heading to Adamstown, PA for some antique window shopping, I can't wait to spend the day with my oldest and dearest friend who make me laugh so much, I cry. The best way to spend a day.

  9. Oh- how to priotitize that list?!!! Chocolate and Anthropologie first and foremost with a walk around the pond enjoying the BEAUTIFUL midwest spring weather today! Isn't it glorious?!!! I get to be at a soccer regional game this afternoon...big surprise there-

  10. My mom used to ask if we were raised in a barn?

    I'm all for eating some chocolate and dancing with Ellen!!

    Sounds like an awesome day, Beth!

  11. i have learned to just leave the door wide open, just like it is right now, the kids are out playing, i am here in the kitchen (trying to work....but i needed a break) so i am here, visiting you... your day sounds so much more fun than mine... sigh. :)

    oh and the only problem with the door wide open? bugs think they can just walk right in here and make themselves comfy... that is until Riley or Jazzy chomps them... ;/

  12. My mom used to tell us that and now I feel bad because I have to say it to my own kids (if the cat got out the great horned owls and coyotes would be happy but I wouldn't). Just one more thing I swore I'd never say that I find I say all the time.

    Sounds like a lovely day ahead!

  13. indeed it has been ...lots of smiles as i shook my head yes! reading your list!

  14. Beth, I love the door and yes I could hear my mother saying the same thing. I odeed on chocolate this am for breakfast! Oh well. Take Care, cinner

  15. Hi Beth,
    I have just discovered your wonderful blog! You brought me lovely memories of my own and my siblings' constant door banging. Your photos and words are beautiful, thank you for the inspiration!

  16. AnonymousMay 19, 2009

    what a list!
    what a door!
    what a woman! :)

  17. thanks so much for visiting my necessary room today.

    i always enjoy my visits here, including this one today.

  18. Oh Beth I can remember so vividly my mam colling like that. I think the picuter of the door is more than great. How many times you've think this has been opened and shut? I wonder.

  19. oooh...lovely memories of my own! ~love the painted rustic color*

  20. AnonymousMay 20, 2009

    Loved reading this almost written though-track... very cool...

    Mm chocolate and fresh flowers are fabulous :-)

    P.S. love the name of your blog too!!

  21. Hi Beth,

    Modesty forbids I comment on some of your predicaments ..... but, Chocolate!

  22. i love photos of doors! this one is no exception! it's wonderful.

  23. Hope you accomplished everything -- in and out of the house!


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