March 30, 2012

playing inside....

i could be outside taking photos of everything blooming, but i've been kind of lazy.
actually i've been more in a funk, than lazy.

it's a "i've been bit by a tick, i want more antibiotics" funk mixed with an ER trip for our son.

he's been having some heart issues and they're woking on figuring out exactly what it is 
and what could be causing it. we'd like to blame it on his a.d.d medication, but he's had a few "episodes" while not on his medication. so that's not it.
today he had an echocardiogram. that was fun.
from what i could see on the ultrasound technician's screen, i think he's pregnant.
seriously, it looked vaguely similar to what i saw years ago when they said,
"it's a boy"

so here are a few of my still shots while i've been playing inside. i'd like to refer to them as
boring shots, instead. i love shooting just about anything, but trying to "make" a shot with things i have in my studio just doesn't do it for me.

i mean i love my studio and all my "toys" but i'd so much rather shoot anything outside:
people, animals, street scenes, rocks, name it. anything.
still shots. inside. bore me.
but don't think i hate yours, if you take still shots. in fact, that's what inspires me to try it. 
over and over again.
almost always what i see on other blogs fascinates me and i want to see more. 
and then i get jealous and want to shoot still shots inside my house.
but then i find myself shaking my head. saying oh sheesh.

i'm hoping next week to be better. to do better. to be less funkish.
by the way, after many comments and private emails from so many of you, i am now on a 14 day dose
of doxycycline for the tick bite. i guess the bullseye is a "grey area" as far as what to do with a deer tick bite. personally, the antibiotic regimen makes me "mentally" feel better. i love grey but not when it comes to a "grey area" and my health.

i truly hope you and your loved ones have a terrific weekend


  1. thinking of you and your son Beth take good care . Love your still photos here ~~

  2. Totally love the egg photos - you are awesome at stills! Saying a prayer for your gray area and your son... my daughter had to have an echo last year and it reminded me of the sonogram I had years ago, too.

  3. i hope your son feels better. i am thinking of you.

  4. i love your stills... but so sorry about your health difficulties and those of your son. hopefully all will be well for both of you, very soon! (i've been inside this week, too - my brief run of "better" ran out, at least for these last few days. i'm trying to be patient...)

  5. health issues are always scary, but no fair for it to come in a double dose. I'm sure the rapid dose of antibiotics will protect you and hopefully they will soon know how to help your son..

    add you to my prayers, I will <3


  6. I hope you have a terrific weekend as well. That you feel like getting out..just you and your camera!!
    Take care

  7. Wishing you a fab week-end as well. Hope all turns out good with the tests your son has had. :-))

  8. sooooooooo glad you are taking the longer course of antibiotics; almost sent an email to that extent but I have been working hard trying to mind my own business :) oh, but after what my sister has gone through....sooooo happy about your extended course!

    can't imagine the worry assoc with diagnosing your son's heart issues; don't know when he came off his add meds but having recently been on some, I can tell you for certain there is some withdrawal that is "undocumented;" don't rule out the fact that his body could be getting used to a new normal. It took several weeks for me to become normal again (whatever the hell normal is :) ); my MD said that there is not documented withdrawal from these meds to which I promptly replied that the earth used to be flat..... and he smiled and told me I had a point :)

    sorry you are in a funk... that is not a fun place to be; know that you are loved by many!

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  10. Just know I'm thinking of you. I look at all those inside stills and think to myself that I can do that too. I think all you have to do is keep trying. Such is the stuff of life.
    As for the doxy, use sunscreen. Even if you're outside for just a little bit. There's nothing worse than a doxycycline sunburn. And if you're in the car for a long haul, use it on your hands. The sun is strong through a windshield!

  11. I hope the medicine helps. And I really hope your son turns out to be just fine.

  12. thinking good thoughts for you and your son.
    I adore your inside pictures. I think you made a detour and took that last one in MY indoors on my bookshelf. great minds and all that. take care.

  13. Little wonder you are in a "funk" -- antibiotics for that horrid tick bite...and then your son in for tests about his heart...hope he's not pregnant!! :) And I hope it isn't anything serious, but whatever "it" is that they can get it straightened out. Nothing like a little worry to stress us out.

    As for playing found some wonderful things to capture and they've all made me smile!

  14. Sorry to hear about your son! Ay yi yi. I get that "funkish" feeling, oh yes I do. I actually forced myself to get off my ass and take some photos outside. I am glad I did. But I do love to take inside still shots too! And take some great inside shots!!! I hope your funkiness stays but your "funk" takes a hike this weekend! xo

  15. Oh, I hate the funk, but I LOVE your still shots. They're beautiful, despite what you think! I'm sorry to hear about the tick thing, we've been through that. Not fun. And your son, I'll be praying for him and your family as well. I know it can be trying on the mind which leads to exhaustion of the body. Hope your weekend gets better.

  16. hoping you and your son are feeling better soon.

  17. Well, when you are in a funk, it is much more creative than when I am in one. I am in one, still. I am sorry that you are having health concerns and your son, too. The worst. I am thinking of you.

  18. Your photos don't have any funkish effects. They are fabulous.

    I wouldn't enjoy a deer tic making a home in my skin either. Disconcerting. Take care of yourself.

    Hope the doctors can determine the cause of your son's heart problem.

  19. Beth, I will have you and your son in my prayers. I know the being in a funk feeling all too well myself. The sun on my face always helps, but you should be careful of that right now as doxycyline causes photophobia and can cause sensitivity to the sun and give you a good sunburn. I myself have had Lyme disease 3 times! May God Bless you and your family, and please know I will keep you in my thoughts.

  20. Sending up prayers for your son, that doesn't sound fun in the least for him or his mama. And we are so on the same page with indoor still shots. I love others but mine?? meh.

  21. The pink car is awesome, the inside shot of the pink car is awesome! I think I'm so similar to you when it comes to inside shots, I feel lost, but I'm totally inspired by yours :)

    I was reflecting on how amazing your web log is tracking your life in such a beautiful way. I admire your ability to share with us as if this is a personal letter each time, the combination of care and chaos is so wonderful I love it and you so much.

    Sending love and healing to your whole family <3

  22. loving those eggs
    and sending oodles of love
    to every bit of you
    and your son.

  23. Inside photos can be so difficult to catch the feel but yours tell a story. I think I have a lesson for me in seeing yours.

    Tick bite...oh boy. I'm glad you went in and are being treated. Stick with and make sure the Dr.'s stay right on this.

    Your son and the heart issue? Wow...Sending you all lots of healing thoughts.

  24. Sorry to hear you're funky. I'm sure that will clear up with the bullseye.
    My wife has had 2 bullseyes over the years, and from what I remember she was funky too. Here's hoping everything straightens out, for everybody in your family.

  25. Little pink car is fantastico! zoom-zoom

    Sorry to learn of your's son's health concern. Nothing is worse than worrying about your child.

  26. You're going to have to stop disliking your indoor shots because I love them. Try to see them through another persons eyes and you will too.

    Thinking best thoughts for both you and your boy. Please keep us posted.

  27. I hope your son and also your tick bite are back to normal very, very soon. Please take care.

    I love seeing your quilts.

  28. Your plate is pretty full, Beth-- I'm sending positive healing vibes in your direction and to your son. It's all kinda scary but amazing at the same time. Modern medicine is really something! I actually WATCHED a heart procedure on me a few years ago. It was awesome.

    Feel better and hang in there. xoxoxo jj

  29. OK, kIddo, a couple of things -- first, have heart with your son. I know there is nothing worse than wading through the marass (sp) of uncertainty when a child is ill. You just keep plugging at it. I know you'll find results soon and I will be thinking the most positive of energy for you.

    And, in terms of those photos -- as far as I'm concerned, you can shoot inside or out, and I'd still be delighted!

  30. Must've been quite the tick! Hope all goes well with your son.....does he know he's pregnant??

  31. No wonder you are in a funk! You have had a lot going on! Hope all is well with your son and your tick bite:)

    BTW I love these "boring" shots! Especially that pink car...Love it!

  32. Oh my, you do haves a lot going on. Funk out girl! Hope they figure it out with your son.

  33. No wonder you're in a funk, Beth - some serious issues here. Glad you realized you were bitten and have started antibiotics. Tick season already? I sure hope you find what is causing your son's heart issues. Medical procedures are not fun. PS I do love your still shots.

  34. I hope you're feeling like your self soon and can get back out and enjoy yourself. I, however, love your indoor shots. I think they all are lovely.... and the eggs may be my favorite shot of all, plus the studio shots, plus....

    Hope you can find out more about your son, too. My thoughts are with you.

  35. Listen to Kate

    Dont spend too much time in that funk

    Hope the kid's issues get figured out before you go coo-coo-coco puffs

  36. Whether inside or outside shots your talent and beautiful heart shows all the way through.

    Thinking of you and sending healing thoughts your way, beth xo

  37. Take care of yourself, Beth.

  38. I often think of taking stills, but honestly I have significantly reduced the amount of stuff in my house, so there really isn't that much to photograph. I have become a home decorating minimalist:-)
    I send you good thoughts for your son's health, and also for getting through the icky feeling surrounding that tick bite.


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