March 21, 2012

enjoying the little things....

with this amazing weather, we took our first walk around "my pond" on sunday. 
i was honestly surprised to see so many ducks, so early in the season.

the women were busy claiming their "nesting" spots
while the men were busy doing whatever it is they do.

it's funny how i can walk the same pond over and over and never get bored.

i mean really. 
don't cattails fascinate you. 
they don't. oh. well then you'd hate "my pond."
wait. they do. 
well then you can come along with me on my pond walks any day.
{i'm on book two of "fifty shades of grey," which is "fifty shades darker." did you look the book up. did you download it. are you reading it. curious minds want to know}


  1. "it's funny how i can walk the same pond over and over and never get bored."

    I know exactly what you mean!

    Lovely shots, Beth.

  2. i love these photos! share away!

  3. I adore cattails as they always take me back to the day of childhood and walking along a gravel road where water stood in the ditches... cattails were always abundant!

  4. I have always loved cattails and have always lived near a pond...and I too never tire of them! I'd love to walk with you...and your camera, beth.

  5. Yes, we walk by the river most days and there is always something new to see.
    We've had the same pair of ducks hang out in our pond for the last three years and I really hope they come back this year.
    Cat tails are great, we have a bunch if those in our pond too.

  6. I know what you mean about never tiring of your pond. Today I'm missing our old pond, our old way of life, the love that used to be there. I don't know what's wrong with me. But I can't be glad all the time.
    No - I haven't downloaded the book yet. But I'm planning on it!

  7. Hello Beth - Now I'll have to look that book up! I walk the same trails, too, but the light and the scenes are ever-changing. I would never get tired of your pond. I love that shapely log!

  8. PS Now you "made" me try a sample on my Kindle - oh, Beth!

  9. I never tire of my little yard and it's bit of life... let alone a pond.

    And these photos? Thank you.

    And everything is crazy early with this weather. My magnolia tree is a day away from blooming , I swear!

  10. It's a delightful pond you walk ... so many fascinating things to see.

  11. I would hang by the pond with you any day!!!

  12. The men ducks were doing very important men duck stuff. Love your pond.

  13. Like you I can see much after repeat times of a special place. I have several hikes that each time feels new. Mostly because of the light in the sky and how it filters through the trees.

    I like cat-tails but we have none near us sadly.

  14. I would never tire of walking that pond. Wish I had one!

  15. I love walking the same places over and over again, discovering all the little nuances of change.
    and i love cattails.
    we have a swamp just down the road, the geese have been crazy this year!

  16. I love that the log looks like a mask for a giant batman :)

    I would love to come join you for a walk around your pond

  17. Gorgeous photos!

    I'll have to check out that book series. It sounds really good. I love the name Grey!

  18. I am a cattail fan and wish there were some in Southern California.
    Thanks for the tour of your pond.
    xo jj

  19. I'd take a walk there every day.... it's beautiful!

  20. Cattails, oh dear - I do like seeing them, but they remind me of a time many years ago when women used the fluff for sanitary napkins. Now you can have that in your mind too. Laughing!

  21. My stepfather was nearly arrested while stealing cattails from the side of the road for my mom when they were dating. He won my heart that day.

  22. i love cattails, and i'll walk with you anytime :)

    p.s. i've been photographing ducks, too...

  23. I love cattails and ducks, so I think I would just adore your pond!!!

  24. I love your pond
    and the way you see it:)

  25. Those cattails made me gasp. You just get better and better.


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