March 23, 2012

friday ramblings.....

last week we were finally forced to turn our air conditioning on. 
personally i hate air conditioning and would much rather have my windows open. 
of course, that's until bedtime when the windows must be closed. 
it goes hand in hand with needing a sheet over my legs while i sleep and 
monsters in the middle of the night. 
{remember when we talked about this not so long ago}

do you use walgreens. do you have their new app. where you can scan your prescription
to get a refill. i think i'm in love.

i bought a new bathroom scale. 
it weighs me 2.4 pounds heavier then the old scale. that sucks.
are you thinking about easter. i am a little bit, but only because i think eggs are really cool.
and colored eggs. don't even get me started on how much joy those bring me.
i'm still reading. i'm on book two and the story line has me intrigued. 
and you know what i want now. 
i want a driver. i want my very own version of "taylor." i want someone who just shows up every time i need something, before i even realize i need something. 
and if the occasion ever arises where he has to buy me a pair of underwear 
or pack an overnight bag for me...well wouldn't that be sweet.


  1. Air conditioning...bah! Not looking forward to that.
    I missed the monster you think something will reach up and grab your feet?
    I couldn't sleep without at least a sheet till recently, when the hot flashes got too unbearable.
    I love the train tracks.

  2. you make me smile.

    i love sleeping with the windows open. but i do have to have at least a sheet over my legs at all times. :)

  3. Turning on the air conditioning is not going to happen anytime soon here. Still in the 50's yet the shining sun is what really makes me happy!

    I LOVE your eggs photograph, so cozy so inviting :-)

    Enjoy your week-end Hugs xoxo

  4. You should have kept the old scale - never trust anything new is my motto. I haven't started the book, but I have the sample. Don't tell me the ending! I love the old quilt.

  5. We also turned our air on and it has ran off and on over the last several days. Unreal! But alas, rain coming for the weekend ... guess we can't get too spoiled.

  6. I don't have air, but if I did, last week would have tempted me! I'm like you with the sheet over the legs -- it's a rare sticky night when I don't have one!

    And I love Easter and those eggs, too! Just love 'em!

  7. I have not visited for so long, I think I lost your address (have saved it now). Anyway I have enjoyed reading back. I love to read your words and your photos are exquisite, thank you.

  8. The quilt under your eggs is wonderful. Yes, I am thinking Easter and eggs. I like dyeing the eggs with different teas, they give such beautiful natural colors. I am thinking about something with carrots too.

    Amazing, air conditioning in March! Yesterday we had snow and today the sunshine has come out and my office door is open. We don't even own air conditioning in our house. We would need it about 2-4 days a year and not worth it.

  9. i hate airconditioning, but in the heat that i live in, it is a necessity.

    i am totally intrigued about this book series you are reading :)

  10. gorgeous photos....I love that the weeping willows are flushing out
    green again....that shade of
    new leaf
    is the sweetest green
    And the whole must have sheet
    over feet (and legs) me too!
    Yeah, one of the many things
    my hubby scratches his head
    happy weekend,

  11. Ohhh, I love the bowl of eggs against that old quilt. But I can't believe you've needed the AC. No wonder we're stifling down here. I really wonder what summer will be like. Will it be record heat? Or will something else strange happen, weather-wise?

  12. I think I recognize that backdrop for those eggs !

    Easter is fun since Katie and Tom have been around. It is our spring time celebration !

    A driver, eh ? No, I would like a housekeeper. You know like Alice on the Brady Bunch. One who cleans and cooks and leaves the lady of the house free to come and go and play as she likes...
    Ha, I am already spoiled enough !

    Have a beautiful weekend in the Grey. ;-)
    Love ya !

  13. The picture with the willow tree is the best! Super. I was attracted to that picture as soon as I scrolled to it and have gone back several times to see it.

    Yikes, air conditioning in March, oh my. It has been warm here in Nebraska but no need for air conditioning yet. Some people are out working on their yards already though. Not me. I cannot accept that there will be no more snow this year.

  14. I love to amble right along with you when you ramble. Beautiful images, as always.

  15. Air conditioning has kicked in here as well.... Love the doors open wide, except for the pollen. Sometimes, I think I'm growing flowers indoors there's so much of it laying around.

    Lovely photos.... and yes to the Easter eggs.

  16. Love your ramblings, always make me smile, sometimes laugh out loud. The willow is super.

  17. You got to turn your AC husband spent the time trying to gaslight me that it wasn't that hot in the house. The thermostat outed his LIE by insisting that it was 80 freaking degrees in the house. Did I tell you I DETEST being hot?! Yeah...I hate it. If we had been sane people, we too would have been forced to turning on the AC in March...but NOOOOOOOOOOO!

  18. Love your imagery..your whimsy. Lovely!

  19. It got pretty hot in RI too but not hot enough for ac! Just hot enough to open all the doors and windows:)

    Lovely photos! Hope your weekend was delightful if no longer hot:)

  20. And today we may need the HEAT again! Silly Wisconsin weather.
    We will decorate eggs this weekend and we can hardly wait.

  21. it was freezing and rainy and windy this past weekend .. and I am reading my current novel as fast as I can so I can read(already downloaded) that book!

  22. The quilt looks great under the bowl of eggs!

  23. Beautiful images...

    however, I think the scale is broken. I'd take it back and get a new one!! ;o)

  24. crack me up. I still need to download the books. But I'll take a driver and a concierge service! BTW, are those eggs green?

  25. Such a pretty, springy new header. Love it!

  26. Well, when you said you were still reading and on book two . . . and then what you wanted right now . . . well, I was expecting something else. Ha!

    Love the railroad tracks.


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